infinite wishes

cupcakeToday is my birthday. I’m 44. A bigger number than I’d care to admit but there it is and if my intuition is right I’m not even half way yet. So the number of today gives me the double 4 and the energy of the 8. The first thing I see is 4 and 8 add up to 12. A very relevant number for me. But in the 4 there’s the energy of Mother Earth, of stability, foundation and responsibility, all magnified for it’s duplication. In the 8 there’s the energy of manifestation. Spiritual as much as physical and in some ways, the result of the hard work of the 4. But the double 4 is also a message for intuition, of trusting instincts to continue on the current path. But where the geometry of the 4 feels like one cycle, the 8 is infinite. And to me that’s the real message of today. To believe that efforts in establishing strong and authentic foundations will manifest success. The double 4 is also a Master Number and with that added boost, today really is the day to affirm the belief in the potential of the infinite unknown.


the sacred six

When someone gives you a number it’s hard to know what to do with it. Do you use it as a measure or do you use it as a counter? Does it move forwards or can it go backwards? Maybe it’s not even on the linear scale and it’s more about the energy surrounding it. We like to linearize how we use numbers but they can carry all kinds of meaning. Two years ago, when I was given the number 6, I didn’t know what to do with it. Neither did the reader who saw the 6 around me. Was it a measure of time? Did it relate to days, weeks or months? Maybe it was a measure of something past rather than an indicator of something to come. I made mental notes to assess various scenarios as they came to mind but nothing significant appeared. I ticked off various dates as time passed but still there were no major changes. Since then I’ve learnt the 6 is Sacred Communication and carries the energy of Harmony, Balance and Love. In terms of our DNA layering, it relates to the Higher Self and the connection to the other side of the Veil. So this week I reached one of the possible milestones on the linear scale, 6 years. And this same week I reached a milestone in experiencing the energies of the 6, Harmony, Balance and Love. Together they symbolize a transformation that’s been 6 years in the making. A transformation that’s seen the best and worst of me transmuted over years of ongoing meditation, healing and releasing. So I now see the significance of the 6 is a turning point in this long journey of Awakening. I feel it energetically and emotionally, something’s changed and I could be standing on top of a mountain. It’s a peaceful plateau surrounded by much needed breathing space. But the 6 is also a marker for my connection to the other side as it’s through developing a bond with my own Higher Self that I now understand what it truly feels like to experience Harmony, Balance and Love through Sacred Communication.

12 lines of gratitude

It’s been about 12 weeks on the 12th road and it feels like a time to share my feeling of gratitude. I started this blog with little idea how it would evolve and in the energy of numbers I see that the 12 reduces to a 3 (catalyst, creative), it carries the energy of the 6 (sacred, communication) and sits next to the 11 (illumination, awakening), which is a fitting description for the journey so far. And funnily enough if I add up the total number of views, likes and followers that have also come along so far, this number also reduces to a 12. Sharing knowledge and awareness as a foundation for understanding our own spiritual truth is the basis of all that I write and so on this 22 master number day (master builder), I take a moment to extend out a big thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in travelling down the 12th road.

energy in numbers

I’ve always had a keen interest in the Metaphysical, teaching myself the basics of Astrology and Tarot but I’ve not known much of Numerology. So it was of great synchronicity to open my current book, Kryon Book Twelve, and find my bookmark at a chapter on this subject. Numerology is an ancient science based on the belief that numbers carry a vibration and therefore have energy. The attributes of the energy around each number is complex as numbers not only carry their own vibration but can be influenced by the numbers around them, meaning they are multi-dimensional. But in Book Twelve, a simple linear form of Numerology is presented with basic meanings for the single digit numbers 1-9 and the three master numbers of 11, 22 & 33. Interestingly, the book, which is a study of the 12 layers of DNA, also explains how DNA is divided into 4 groups of 3 layers and shows how the meaning of certain layers or groups of layers is intertwined with Numerology sequences. Doreen Virtue is another author who writes on the meaning of number sequences and it was with great interest that I learnt from her books about the meaning of 11:11. I have always seen 11:11 or 1:11 on clocks but believed it was random until one afternoon I non-deliberately glanced at the clock at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55. After that I got the message and went to find out what these numbers meant and from Doreen’s work I understood that it’s not only Angelic communication but 11:11 is actually an important number sequence to see as it’s a reminder to keep your thoughts positive as an opportunity is available to manifest exactly what you’re thinking. Kryon describes 11:11 as a ‘wink’ from Spirit as it’s 2 master numbers side by side and with 11 carrying the meaning of ‘Illumination’, it is most certainly connected to our Awakening. What’s been most interesting in my own Numerology is discovering that my first name adds up to 12. And with the 12th layer of our DNA being a God layer carrying the meaning of ‘God Within’, it made me wonder if in fact my 12th road is simply the road home.