uniting path and passion

With the Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurring within 24 hours, there is a rising intensity building up and triggering the desire to unite path and passion.

This year has been extraordinarily potent in pushing us deeper into our personal awakening, revealing exactly where we need to be and what’s in the way of getting there.

It has been a measure of extremes, ranging from the highest waves of infinite ecstasy to the heaviest obstacles of not knowing where we are or what to do next. Finding the middle road hasn’t always been easy and sometimes the only thing is to surrender to our centre point through conscious breath.

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new pathways

MelkAbbeyGiven the constant shifting of our times and the flood of new energies flowing in through the succession of this month’s multiple alignments, September is set to be another huge month in re-configuring our way through this maze of ascension pathways.

We start with a New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo this weekend, with the Equinox to follow on 21 Sept and a Full Blood Moon, the 4th in a series, coinciding with a Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month on 28 Sept. Between these points Mercury is also turning retrograde between 17 Sept – 9 Oct.

This year has been like no other in the continual layering of energies, building in intensity as they open our fields to the highest vibrations we can sustain. Simultaneously, they are also directing those vibrations deep into the murky depths of the darkest shadows we hold within and there has been no escape from facing whatever needs to rise up to be included in our wholeness.

This weekend could see this process amplified with the New Moon’s opposition to Chiron triggering healing in a manner that may not be entirely pleasant. It’s becoming personal, prompting deep exploration of the patterns we hold that unconsciously direct our daily life. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and it’s transits can be emotionally confronting but by holding ourselves in light and compassion, we can set the energy in motion to let go of the old stories that no longer align with the truth the forms the road ahead.

If ever we can feel alone on this path it’s when a nagging issue never goes away. It can make us feel like we are failing in what we doing, taking the wrong approach or missing something important.

But in facing the deeper aspects of our issues, we not doing anything wrong. We are simply evolving beyond where we have ever been before. We are changing at a deep cellular level, developing different ways of being that allow our ancient knowledge to rise up in new and life altering ways.

This is a whole body shift. We need to onboard 100% and so rather than pushing away uncomfortable feelings we don’t want to experience, we find the strength to face them, to see through them and create new pathways of healing that resolve the discomfort once and for all.

Honouring our progress, wherever we are, is all it takes. If we are tired, we rest. If we are unwell, we give ourselves space. If we are overwhelmed, we pull away. If we need help and support, we ask.

Through each step we take, we are being guided forward and as we release today, we make space for more new tomorrow. Our desire to overcome our obstacles is set in motion simply by the intention we ignite when we make the commitment to embrace who we are fully, totally and completely.

‘We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, or we can evolve in a state of joy and inspiration. Most embrace the former. To go with the latter, we just have to make up our minds that change will probably entail a bit of discomfort, some inconvenience, a break from a predictable routine, and a period of not knowing.’  ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

a new moon or two

CrescentMoonGoddessWith the buzz of new beginnings flowing in through the New Year, there is no better time than over the next 4 weeks to consciously visualize what these new beginnings may look and feel like as we have not 1 but 2 New Moons coming up in the creative sign of Aquarius.

To me, these new moons are feeling like a big reset button. But it is a button that is pressed down tomorrow and not released until the later part of February.

These 2 New Moons form a powerful bookend to our journey through Aquarius with the first occurring at the potent 0 degree tomorrow and the second occurring at the end of the sign at 29 degrees on 19 Feb. But between these 2 lunations we also have the passage of our first Mercury Retrograde period for the year, with Mercury travelling from 17 degrees Aquarius back to 1 degree, before it begins to move forward again on 11 Feb.

That says we have a huge opportunity to implement our grand new beginnings but first we must engage in the retrospective energy of the retrograde by either reviewing and releasing any blocks we still might have in the area we wish to move forward in, looking back to the past in order to help find our way forward or even reconnecting with people gone by who may offer help, wisdom or even resolution before we are free to move on.

Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the free-thinking visionary, so wherever it falls in our chart, this is the area where we can apply our creative and unique ways to envision our highest way forward.

We have time, 3 weeks of retrograde time, to get the details right and with Mars also passing over Neptune this week, we have all the support we need to put action into our dreams or, as the conscious creators like to say, to dream our desired existence into being.

equinox new moon

kundaliniWe are moving through the September Equinox as I write, the midpoint between the Solstices and with it comes a welcome sense of balance. The pushing, pulling and squeezing of the last few weeks has gratefully eased and we are given room to breathe again.

There is space for settling in to where we are and if we wish, for looking ahead as with this energy comes openings, a releasing of what may have been hidden, held back or just out of reach. Openings that can help solidify our steps onto the path of the new as with this energy are the companion astrological alignments in the direct motion of Pluto, after 5 months of retrograde motion, followed by the Sun into Libra and the New Moon on the first degree of Libra.

Pluto is the little planet of intense transformation and his retrograde motion since mid-April has only enhanced what all the energy cycles are encouraging us to do, to dig deep into the murkiness of our shadow selves and remove all that is out-dated and obsolete, to free ourselves from old patterns and desires and release ourselves from wherever we are not in our own power.

Ironically, as Pluto completes this retrograde phase we are blessed with a New Moon at the first degree. While 0° is technically the first placement within a sign, a new Moon at 1° brings fresh surge of energy and so it is no surprise many are now feeling the desire for something new. To step out of what was and become someone new.

But this newness is not necessarily new in the sense of the word as all this self-analysis and self-discovery has been more of a process of uncovering, an unveiling of what has always been. As we work through peeling off the layers of who we were, we are revealing the true nature of who we really are and it is this essence of our true selves that is now urging to come out as the leading light in our lives. This light within is now finding a way to shine on the outer and it’s encouraging us to continue to shift and adjust our ways to align our paths with our new perception.

For me personally, the energy of transformation could not have appeared more boldly than it did on the weekend when a tree snake made its appearance in my bedroom. Thankfully I was not in danger and it was carefully removed by someone much braver than me but it did validate the significance of these times and as a friend noted, our animal friends make their appearance to show support on our path. With snake energy represented in the image of the Great Rainbow Serpent and the Kundalini, it is powerful symbol of creation, transmutation and shedding of the old to allow the emergence of the new.

So at this point of balance and in the spirit of Libra, this new energy is saying we are creating and we are free to choose our direction and decide which way we will tip the scales. The added freshness of a 1° New Moon is supporting new beginnings and with our true selves at the helm and all things at the core of our desires centred in Love, it is our choice as to where we go from here.


time to retune

lightrayKryon has recently channelled we are beginning to actually experience a ‘Shift’. A significant movement forward is finally breaking through after the precession of the equinoxes event in 2012. These energies are aligning us with the ‘New’ but in order to experience them we have to retune ourselves to tap into it. Things can’t be achieved in the ways we have always done them. It’s like searching for a new channel on the radio. It’s a new frequency and we must adjust our intuitive dials to find it.

As I read this information I am aware of energetic upgrades coming through this week. A quickening that’s visible through the movement of time and felt via the familiar array of physical symptoms I experience through my own body such as increased sensitivity to noise, increased hunger, unquenchable thirst, blurry eyesight, lack of focus and concentration, sudden and overwhelming tiredness and need for deep sleep and general all over tingling.

Other commentators are also noting how the energy is supporting the coming together with our ‘tribe’, in that new connections are grouping Souls in locations and situations where they’re best placed to carry out their purpose. This may be resulting in personal changes through a new or deepening love relationship, changes in living arrangements, jobs or even a geographic relocation.

It is all coming together now in preparation for our future but is also enabling us to see how much of the restructuring of the past 6 months has been in support of these changes. Helping to increase the potential of those on the cusp to Awaken as well as hold those in place who have already opened themselves to expanded awareness. The support may have felt like it was slipping in and out of our physical existences at various times over these past months and the prolonged sense of waiting while it regrouped itself has been mindlessly tiring but nonetheless, we are always energetically supported and watched over.

And so these current upgrades are setting up for a potentially magical New Moon coming through this weekend. This New Moon aligns with the Lion’s Gate portal which harnesses the vibrant spirit of Leo. It is a fresh energy, a boost to our reserves of faith and hope and a reminder that even when change is the new normal, and when we are tired beyond belief, we must still open ourselves to the potential new reality each day brings.

From here on in, we are being beckoned to take our cosmic steps into the unknown. To go within, find our intuitive Heart and retune it to all that is flowing around us.

april truths

spiralgalaxyVenus may have moved into Pisces but it’s unlikely the long outward sigh will last long as April zooms into a surge of powerful alignments set to shake up old ways. It is a month bursting with potential for change, the type of change that connects our Hearts and minds with the core of our Inner Truth. Ascension is not so much about gaining knowledge and wisdom as it is stepping into whole life change. It is being the change, merging with it and allowing it to integrate into every element of daily life. Whether these changes be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, or a combination of all, once we move beyond old limitations and find that new place of expanded vision, we understand the benevolence these changes are bringing. For it is all positive. Even when things appear to be falling apart it is all with good purpose. Spirit has its way of creating cracks in the surface of whatever isn’t aligned with Soul Truth encouraging us to look deeper at the choices we make, the thoughts we create and the path we travel. This energy is, in a sense, prompting us to take the initiative and deconstruct everything around us so we can see with our own eyes all we have fabricated. At the same time, we’re being asked to push beyond these limits and cast our gaze far into the future. Where do we want to be? What do we want it to look like? Who and what do we want around us? When these new visions are streaming into our expanded consciousness we can bring them back to the here and now so we can make more authentic choices that allow these visions to grow with our conscious intent. This is the month with the potential for breakthroughs. The energy has already started to rise, the upgrades and accompanying symptoms are occurring. Eclipses are powerful events in their own right and coming in pairs, they set up a portal for reshaping life in sudden and often unpredictable ways. With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in Libra on 15 Apr and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 29 Apr, we have a 2 week portal intensified by the added surge of the Cardinal Grand Cross on the Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn axis. These are significant times and considering the Aries New Moon preceded everything on 29 Mar, it could very well play out as the boost that pushes us through any obstacles that may have been blocking our bold new beginnings. Or at least lines us up ready for when Mars turns direct from his retrograde motion on May 19. 2014 is shaping up as a year of restructuring the foundations of how we live, exposing Truth in all that we are and all we’ve become at an individual and collective level. As we zoom into these new energies, whether it be with exhilaration or apprehension, it is wise to remember nothing is random. There is a Great Plan behind everything delivering signs and messages for all who wish to see.

bold intentions









Big openings

Rolling in after the Equinox

Clearing our energy fields

Opening our Hearts

For all that’s ahead

What is it you want?

What is it you really want?

Aim high

Think big

Because it’s already there

Pulling at you

Waiting for you

Of course you can do it

You can do anything you put your energy to

Ask for help

Ask for anything

It’s time to let go

Time to embrace all that you are

It’s the Aries New Moon

Official new beginnings

Breathe it in

It’s all there


It’s all just waiting

If you only knew what is waiting for you

You would have done this long ago

You don’t need to suffer

You don’t need to struggle

You only need to focus

On your own path

On your own desires

On your own Heart

Release everything that doesn’t fit

Let yourself be free

Feel the relief flowing in

That’s your Light

Building stronger with every breath

Make a wish

On this New Moon

Make it big

Give it strength

Set bold intentions

Believe in what you feel

Expect miracles

Even small ones

Then walk in

Fall in

Stumble in

It doesn’t matter

Just close your eyes

Take a step

And watch the ground

Rush in beneath you

hurry up and evolve

new earthThis is it, we are entering the energy of transformation. The time we can look back on as being the catalyst for change in our lives. Whether it be through unexpected physical events, sudden realizations and insights or a deep change of perception, with the Pluto Uranus Square on Nov 1 and the New Moon Solar Eclipse energized by Saturn, Mercury and the North Node on Nov 3, what more could we need to propel ourselves forward into a new way of being. And with Mars also in the action, as well as the release of countless Solar Flares, there’s a sense of urgency building, an intensity that feels like something has to happen now. It’s as if our united Soul energy is gathering in the ethers, encouraging us all to dive into the Truth, to hurry up and awaken to the real story of life on Earth. Evolution requires revolution for that’s how the old ways collapse and this is what the energy of Pluto is bringing. It will uncover what has been hidden for so long and many will not like it. So much has been concealed from humanity. So much has been manipulated, controlled and kept secret. So much has been interfered and tampered with for the benefit of the few and disempowerment of the masses. Various teachings relay their version of Cosmic events but in essence our DNA has long been scrambled and we’ve become trapped in centuries of lower vibrating energies of fear and separation. We’ve devolved to 2 stranded DNA beings where we’ve lost connection to our true origins, our reason for being. But once we Awaken to the Universal Truth and break free of the net that’s held us captive for so long, it is impossible to return. Our intent to search for meaning, to find our way Home is enough to change our frequency forever. The Light of our Soul has always beamed bright, waiting to guide us Home and now is the time to find it for when we do we are filled with a new awareness, a deeper understanding that enables our innate wisdom to rise up through every cell. We see through the illusion and liberate ourselves from the doctrines that have governed our existence for so very long. We see that Love is the cure of all things and that separation, fear and judgement are what weakens us, what’s kept us out of our power. We learn to trust the resonance of feelings, to see possibilities in the infinite and we come to know that we create expansion of life through our Heart energy, the energy that fuels the momentum of returning our cellular structure back to 12 stranded DNA beings. This is our evolution on a grand scale but as we look back to the triggering energies of the Lion’s Gate in early August, and take note of the themes and synchronicities that have arisen since, we can bring it back to our own individual paths and find our own personal message for this significant time. We are all moving at our own pace and whether it be in giant leaps or small stepping stones, this is about the illumination of the Soul. It is about waking up from the slumber and recognizing the true brilliance within us all. It is about stepping back from the routine of daily life and questioning everything around us. It is about exploring our unconscious beliefs and turning them upside down. It is about delving deep into the mysteries of the meaning of life for if we ask ourselves the question, Who Am I? What will we answer. Do we really know?