living in parallel

As we embody these inflowing waves of Light, they are bringing with them the sense of being in 2 places at once. Of being here, while being there, of tapping into a parallel stream of existence being created simultaneously to the evolution of this one.

My sense is that with so much of what has been evolving now moving into the peripheral of our perceptions, time is nearing when these 2 realms will merge.

What this is instilling in us, is faith, trust and patience that all is moving as it should be. With the intensity of this entire year, the massive openings, epic shifts and huge releases, we are indeed moving into the unified power of our own selves, preparing for the eminent arrival of the brilliance that comes through owning our soul power, our worth, our value, our gifts and abilities.

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uniting path and passion

With the Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurring within 24 hours, there is a rising intensity building up and triggering the desire to unite path and passion.

This year has been extraordinarily potent in pushing us deeper into our personal awakening, revealing exactly where we need to be and what’s in the way of getting there.

It has been a measure of extremes, ranging from the highest waves of infinite ecstasy to the heaviest obstacles of not knowing where we are or what to do next. Finding the middle road hasn’t always been easy and sometimes the only thing is to surrender to our centre point through conscious breath.

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activating our bodies

Everything is changing around us. On a daily basis the New Earth frequencies can be felt intensifying through the energy we carry in our bodies. After the trajectory through Oct – Dec last year, we have moved into a completely new space in these early weeks of 2016 and it now feels as if we are operating from whole new platform.

To honour this process, we must also operate from a new space within ourselves. That is the purpose of Ascension. We are shaking off false realities. Anything that cloaked our Light and connection to the purity of our Eternal Self is falling away.

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coming full circle

arcdetriompheWelcome to the New Year. Alana Fairchild writes that 2016 brings an end to a cycle that began in 2008 and 7 days in, I’ve just experienced a profound series of revelations that have taken me back to 2007. Everything just fell into place. Everything. The full circle moment returning me to the beginning. The real beginning of The 12th Road.

Part of a Reading I received in November 2007
          As I tune in to your reading, they are showing me first to your yellow solar plexus chakra. This is our centre of power, our core, our essence. Now as I tune in here they are showing me an analogy of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Have you been there? It is a massive roundabout with 12 exit points. They are showing you heading outward from your solar plexus, taking a particular exit route, getting to the end and going ‘hmm’ that didn’t lead anywhere. Then you go back to the centre, and take another exit route, and again ‘hmph, this doesn’t feel right!’ So off you go, in and out, back and forward, trying to get the exit route that will lead you out of this maze, into a space where you can feel happy and fulfilled.
          If you are feeling a bit disheartened, confused or disillusioned right now this is why! You have taken about 9 or 10 of the exit routes and are getting really tired. Now, your guides want to say this to you: you are not doing anything wrong! They are saying ‘don’t you know, most people just take 1 exit route and regardless of whether or not it makes them happy and fulfilled they just stick to it, because they can’t be bothered going all the way back and ‘starting again’. No, most people don’t take that risk and choose to stay as they are.
          You on the other hand have a restlessness in you, which at times you have felt is to your detriment but it has also been your greatest blessing. This restlessness has ensured that you did not stay at the end of exit route 1 when it led nowhere, you did not stay at the end of exit route 2 when it didn’t feel right, and so on. Yes you are tired, yes you have tried many exit routes, but all in the pursuit of one thing: knowing without a doubt that there must be an exit route that leads you to the particular happiness and fulfillment you are seeking – I say particular because you have had much happiness and fulfillment already, it’s just there is this ‘something more’ you are looking for. You have this knowing because it is there, it is there.
          They also want to assure you: “don’t think that just because you have taken 9 or 10 exit routes before you eventually go down the right one that something is wrong with your inner guidance system. No. Again, unlike many people, you are here to experience many, many avenues. Not everyone needs to go down 12 different roads. Your soul however, for higher purposes of growth and learning, wanted to. Far from this being a mistake, or a result of you having an error in judgement, all was pre-planned and pre-destined.”
          They are saying that the time is now drawing near where you are reaching the end of that phase, and that is why the ‘I’m over it” feeling may be weighing heavily on you. You intuitively know that the end/beginning is in sight and you’ve had enough of going down all these roads! By ‘beginning’ they mean you finally hit the 12th road, the 12th exit point, which leads ‘out of the maze’, out of the arc de triomphe roundabout part of your story, and you head out into a whole new part of your life.
          Do not doubt for a second your instincts or inner guidance – on the surface it may look as if you have been going round in circles or not heading toward your right direction, but on a higher level you were going down all those roads because that was part of your divine plan. So your instincts are more perfect than you know.
          I also feel a re-connection to your true self will have a significant turning point with regards to your fulfilment. When I tune in to your future, it feels connected to you taking a leap, that you need to spread your wings. There is a sense that you have a doorway open in front of you where your whole life changes. They also keep saying ‘a return to the beginning’. I feel that you won’t necessarily know what that means until it happens, but there is a sense of having a full circle moment and all of a sudden all the jigsaw pieces of the last 10 or 20 years fall into place.


This was a personal reading provided by Dana Mrkich. Although she no longer does Soul Sessions, her work can be found at

Alana Fairchild can be found at

beginning of the becoming

The end of another year approaches

Looking back at the extremes of experiences that have come through

Huge healing processes have been underway since August

So much has fallen away

So much has come forward

universe moves usLife is forever changing

In its own timeline

One of the strongest messages this year was to consolidate

Decluttering all kinds of things

Coming back to the core essentials


Without depleting ourselves in the process

2016 feels more about renewal

Liberation and emergence

Illumination of soul desires

Acknowledging what we really want

Who we really are

In a truer sense than ever before


We’ve been dancing for a long time

Now it is beginning

The beginning of the becoming

Breathing in


To liberation by the Light


Wishing Everyone an Empowering New Year

opening to vastness

vastlightWhen a newsletter arrived in my inbox last weekend, the title stood out straight away. It was called ‘Wisdom for Having Successful Failures’.

Those words create an immediate and vivid picture of the energy throughout this year. It has mostly been a period of restriction where nothing new could be created. In hindsight, we can see the mechanics of it all, even pinpoint the timing as to when the flow slowed and at times, even felt as if it was beginning to slip backwards into deep and at times, unwelcome darkness.

But on the other side of September, we are given a new perspective. As the infusion of higher energies settles, a distinct shift has taken place and is enlightening our beings with waves of illumination emerging through the fusion of body and light.

It hasn’t been a failure. We weren’t doing anything wrong. Yes we lost part of ourselves but only those old and no longer needed parts that were blocking our progress. Over the past few months we were being prepared for a new existence that can only materialize when those elements that were blocking its emergence are removed.

In the peaks of the euphoric energy that is filtering through now, realizations and revelations abound as new stories open up. New possibilities become tangible. Change becomes physical.

Wisdom tells us we have been and are being realigned. Merging with our soul essence in deeper and more expansive ways. Embodying within our Hearts the truth of our own existence, the purpose of our journey and the knowing that our core passion is the power that will light up the way ahead.

As the distortions fall away, our perceptions are transformed. We see what’s in front of us with new vision. We understand this new energy is bringing forth the support needed in the form of right timing, right connections.

Standing before the vastness of what could be, we realize perspective is everything. It’s not what is or isn’t there but how we see it as we take each step, deeper and deeper into this life and experience it, moment to moment.



new pathways

MelkAbbeyGiven the constant shifting of our times and the flood of new energies flowing in through the succession of this month’s multiple alignments, September is set to be another huge month in re-configuring our way through this maze of ascension pathways.

We start with a New Moon partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo this weekend, with the Equinox to follow on 21 Sept and a Full Blood Moon, the 4th in a series, coinciding with a Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month on 28 Sept. Between these points Mercury is also turning retrograde between 17 Sept – 9 Oct.

This year has been like no other in the continual layering of energies, building in intensity as they open our fields to the highest vibrations we can sustain. Simultaneously, they are also directing those vibrations deep into the murky depths of the darkest shadows we hold within and there has been no escape from facing whatever needs to rise up to be included in our wholeness.

This weekend could see this process amplified with the New Moon’s opposition to Chiron triggering healing in a manner that may not be entirely pleasant. It’s becoming personal, prompting deep exploration of the patterns we hold that unconsciously direct our daily life. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and it’s transits can be emotionally confronting but by holding ourselves in light and compassion, we can set the energy in motion to let go of the old stories that no longer align with the truth the forms the road ahead.

If ever we can feel alone on this path it’s when a nagging issue never goes away. It can make us feel like we are failing in what we doing, taking the wrong approach or missing something important.

But in facing the deeper aspects of our issues, we not doing anything wrong. We are simply evolving beyond where we have ever been before. We are changing at a deep cellular level, developing different ways of being that allow our ancient knowledge to rise up in new and life altering ways.

This is a whole body shift. We need to onboard 100% and so rather than pushing away uncomfortable feelings we don’t want to experience, we find the strength to face them, to see through them and create new pathways of healing that resolve the discomfort once and for all.

Honouring our progress, wherever we are, is all it takes. If we are tired, we rest. If we are unwell, we give ourselves space. If we are overwhelmed, we pull away. If we need help and support, we ask.

Through each step we take, we are being guided forward and as we release today, we make space for more new tomorrow. Our desire to overcome our obstacles is set in motion simply by the intention we ignite when we make the commitment to embrace who we are fully, totally and completely.

‘We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, or we can evolve in a state of joy and inspiration. Most embrace the former. To go with the latter, we just have to make up our minds that change will probably entail a bit of discomfort, some inconvenience, a break from a predictable routine, and a period of not knowing.’  ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

tides of change

sunrayToday there is a real sense the tide has changed. With last weekend’s Solstice and multiple solar flares, Mars moving into Cancer and Mercury soon out of its shadow phase, the energy has shifted upwards and outwards, expanding into a new level of personal healing and wellbeing.

At the start of 2015, my take on the year ahead was one of consolidation. How that would come about I had no idea and yet from my perspective, that is exactly what this past 6 months has been about.

It’s been intense and challenging and ever so tiring but only when we finally reach a place where we are able to look back at all that’s taken place, is the full vista of what’s happened available to us.

We have achieved so much this year. I’ve called it the Great Purge and for me it began back in late March. It’s been relentless, exhausting and at times overly tedious, covering what seemed like old ground over and over. It’s been a common theme for many but now the point of it all is revealed in such elegance it makes us wonder why we couldn’t see it before.

The consolidation wasn’t about accumulating anything externally.

It was about embracing what we have internally and recognizing what has always been there to support and guide us on our journey. It was about offloading the cloak of limitation and merging with our own infinite power source, integrating more of who we are at the core of our own being.

Solstice’s are by nature turning points. They represent the turning of the tides, the swinging of the pendulum of life into a new direction.

And with action planet Mars moving into the healing sign of Cancer, nurturing and nourishing ourselves in a way that supports our inner wellbeing could appear at the forefront of our lives over the coming weeks.

I’ve seen the word ‘ignition’ 3 times in the past 48 hours. In that same timeframe, my partner also left me 3 passionfruits. It makes me smile to think after months of travelling the same old ground we finally have the fuel we need to make solid steps into the new. That fuel is of course the embodiment of our own Light and confidence and belief in our own gifts and abilities.

With new expansive foundations, we can now safely acknowledge our true heart’s desires.

These inner most feelings are our calling, our path to freedom and spiritual purpose. They are fueling our passage forward now, igniting our mind and body and fortifying the way ahead with the true passion of the Soul.