the road to absolution

Anyone in tune with these prolific energies understands the vastness of the transformation taking place. It is a continual wave of regeneration infiltrating every aspect and layer of what we understand as life.

Here at the point of the Aries Full Moon, a marker for establishing new beginnings after what has been a phenomenal phase since August, we are in the midst of epic changes where we can no longer connect to what was. We are disconnecting from the past where all appears distant and faded as if it was from an old era totally irrelevant to what is emerging in this new Here and Now.

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the untethering – part 3

On receiving the words, Unlocking the Tethers of Disempowerment, 5 weeks ago, I knew this series would be in 3 parts, although what those parts were, I did not know. I just sensed something would come forward at the right time to be integrated into each part. Now, with the overriding theme of transcending our limitations through natural alchemy, I see this series was an analogy for the energetic processes unfolding this year.

We hear the words letting go, clearing, cleansing and purging so often it makes you wonder what could possibly still be left to let go of but there is always more. So much so, it has taught me to change my perspective and see it not so much from the physical sense of eliminating but from the soul sense of integrating. This is a process of unifying all aspects of our soul to create a unified field of Wholeness and Oneness.

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the untethering – part 2

Imagine being free from all aspects of the past, floating in the space of Alchemy.         True Freedom is not something we are used to. Having lived with so many restrictions and limitations on our lives, we have been tethered to anchors of illusion while forgetting our innate ability as Creator Beings. But here in the rays of this new energy, we are awakening to the truth beyond the illusion and standing at the threshold of a world bathed in pristine Divine Light.

With that transition comes immense challenges and changes as all parts of our biological and physical systems are essentially rebooted into another format. We are being transformed from the inside out and anywhere we hold aspects of old density is being brought to the surface for our acknowledgement and action for the substance held in these old ways does not sit well in the resonance of the new.

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the untethering – part 1

The immense power of the March Equinox sent us deeper into the sacred waters of our soul, encouraging us to open our Hearts to the full depths of our being.

There is much to gain in getting intimate with our hidden selves and this year, in some ways, we can no longer avoid it. As the luminosity of the Light increases, there is nowhere to hide. Everything can be seen. Everything is coming out into the open. Nothing is invisible anymore and in realizing there was nothing to fear in the first place, we take the first steps towards reunion with our Sacred Hearts.

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are you in or out

There is an element of surprise in the energy that is currently building. The guidance is to keep doing what we are doing, maintaining focus on what is in front of us. Everything is shifting and changing and while it can seem all has been thrown into the air not knowing where it will fall, all will fall exactly where it needs to be. All will come together in exactly the right way, in exactly the right process.

This process is under Divine Intervention and may require personal adjustments for allowing a natural progression of the shifting of the tectonic plates of life.

These energies are leading us into the gateway of the December Solstice which comes via the sequences of energy building since 2012. It opens a window from one phase to the next, illuminating with it, the Core Truth that resides within each and every soul participating in the Grand Divine Plan.

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all about abundance

With the Full Moon illuminating the energies of August, the story is all about Abundance. We have everything to assist us with purifying, energizing and amplifying our understanding and acceptance of what it means to return to our natural state as abundant beings.

It is often said, Abundance is Your Natural Birthright, and yet that statement can feel empty to someone not experiencing abundance. When you are outside the abundance circle and surrounded by struggle and hardship, it can be hard to see or believe in the possibility of a natural flow of universal blessings.

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beginning of the becoming

The end of another year approaches

Looking back at the extremes of experiences that have come through

Huge healing processes have been underway since August

So much has fallen away

So much has come forward

universe moves usLife is forever changing

In its own timeline

One of the strongest messages this year was to consolidate

Decluttering all kinds of things

Coming back to the core essentials


Without depleting ourselves in the process

2016 feels more about renewal

Liberation and emergence

Illumination of soul desires

Acknowledging what we really want

Who we really are

In a truer sense than ever before


We’ve been dancing for a long time

Now it is beginning

The beginning of the becoming

Breathing in


To liberation by the Light


Wishing Everyone an Empowering New Year

opening to vastness

vastlightWhen a newsletter arrived in my inbox last weekend, the title stood out straight away. It was called ‘Wisdom for Having Successful Failures’.

Those words create an immediate and vivid picture of the energy throughout this year. It has mostly been a period of restriction where nothing new could be created. In hindsight, we can see the mechanics of it all, even pinpoint the timing as to when the flow slowed and at times, even felt as if it was beginning to slip backwards into deep and at times, unwelcome darkness.

But on the other side of September, we are given a new perspective. As the infusion of higher energies settles, a distinct shift has taken place and is enlightening our beings with waves of illumination emerging through the fusion of body and light.

It hasn’t been a failure. We weren’t doing anything wrong. Yes we lost part of ourselves but only those old and no longer needed parts that were blocking our progress. Over the past few months we were being prepared for a new existence that can only materialize when those elements that were blocking its emergence are removed.

In the peaks of the euphoric energy that is filtering through now, realizations and revelations abound as new stories open up. New possibilities become tangible. Change becomes physical.

Wisdom tells us we have been and are being realigned. Merging with our soul essence in deeper and more expansive ways. Embodying within our Hearts the truth of our own existence, the purpose of our journey and the knowing that our core passion is the power that will light up the way ahead.

As the distortions fall away, our perceptions are transformed. We see what’s in front of us with new vision. We understand this new energy is bringing forth the support needed in the form of right timing, right connections.

Standing before the vastness of what could be, we realize perspective is everything. It’s not what is or isn’t there but how we see it as we take each step, deeper and deeper into this life and experience it, moment to moment.