winter solstice

We are currently under the rays of the Full Moon and Winter Solstice, or Summer Solstice if you’re in the northern hemisphere, and it comes with the energy of sweeping change.

The Solstice is a turning point of sorts, where the pendulum of life over the last 6 months reaches its peak and begins to swing in a new direction. What was occurring last Nov/Dec is now reaching a point of transformation and depending on our own circumstances can elevate our path onto a significant new level or whole new outlook.

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crossing over

rainbow bridgeSeveral weeks ago, I tapped into the energetic changes coming through as feeling like we were at the edge of something, slowing down in preparation to cross over from one platform to another.

This week that point of crossing over is being illuminated. It has been strange times indeed, with tensions running high from the ever increasing waves of energy contrasting with days of calmness and deep peace. I’ve even found myself questioning the joy I’ve encountered, wondering if I’m missing something and then it dawned on me that this is exactly what the experience of crossing over is all about. It’s all in our perception, a change in how our mind interprets the existence we have around us.

We are, of course, in the midst of a major energy portal flanked by the two eclipses which culminates with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this coming weekend. During this portal, there are massive openings available and some commentators have also mentioned that we are indeed coming to the end of a major phase in our evolution, the 2+ year bridging energy from 2012.

We have it seems, emerged in a new world. A world of possibilities where a meaningful existence takes on a whole new extraordinary feeling. How do we tap into this world? We use our newly expanded Awareness to perceive it.

As we move through this long and relentless journey of releasing old energy, there comes a time when we are so empty, so exhausted, so frustrated and dare I say, bored with the process, that we begin to question what it is we’re actually doing. But it is not until we give in and give up the continual desire to overcome the difficult feelings that we begin to understand how much has changed. We may not have even realized it but through the fog of confusion, upheaval and disruption, we have arrived somewhere new. It just takes a new and expanded way of thinking to comprehend it.

The mind is a masterful tool but it can also hold us as its slave. It does not want to give up what is familiar and it’s the clinging to this rigid and limited sense of Being that this long process has been unravelling. But once we are free enough to retrain our minds to see through the Heart, this new energy opens up. We Feel it and it is here, permeating everything all around us. So while our physical and emotional bodies have taken a battering, the 5D energy is so joyfully and lovingly calm it’s almost ironic when compared to what we’ve been through.

This is an experience we are all destined for, at whatever time is right for our own Awakening but for those of us in the here and now, the bridge has formed. We really are crossing over.

healing in nature

the12throadqldnpOver the past week I have been away in North Queensland camping out in nature with my dear friend in stunning National Park rainforests. We have been travelling light, sleeping out in the open with limited resources but with the ongoing chorus of birds, frogs, bats and the odd shower of rain on our canvas canopy, we’ve been mostly lying awake under the bright moonlight of what has been building up to this Aries Full Moon.

This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees on the Aries-Libra axis and marks the start of the next eclipse season which brings in a 2 week portal between the Lunar and Solar eclipses that has the potential to create significant and unexpected change.

The Aries-Libra energy highlights the Me vs Us theme, bringing forth situations that prompt us to find balance in relationships with those closest to us. We can find ourselves simultaneously craving our own space while yearning for intimacy or learning to express what we feel while respecting the needs and wants of the other.

For me, this Eclipse falls across my Ascendant/Descendant axis over the 1st and 7th houses. It is the perfect example of how the energy can manifest and a timely opportunity to be exploring the desire for freedom and connection in these early days of life with a new partner.

But there is so much happening in the cosmic skies at the moment it could also be feeling like sensory overwhelm. Eclipses are powerful events in their own right but these coming weeks bring a series of big alignments involving Uranus with a conjunction on the Eclipse followed by a Sun-Uranus opposition, a Venus-Pluto alignment and a Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

It would be an understatement to say this energy has the potential to deliver exciting changes and transformations that could very well be unexpected and unpredictable. At this stage of the year it seems almost anything could still happen and probably will.

So while we can bring our awareness onto the situations this energy is highlighting for us, it is also important to counterbalance the intensity with time in the natural environment. Nature itself is the neutralizer for all energy and time out in pristine forests and waterways, enjoying the simple pleasures of life with like-minded companions enables the highest stream of clarity to emerge.

Life is teaching us right now that to find that place of peace and balance within our relationships, we must first find peace and balance within our own self for the world around us is merely a reflection of all we have created within ourselves.




april truths

spiralgalaxyVenus may have moved into Pisces but it’s unlikely the long outward sigh will last long as April zooms into a surge of powerful alignments set to shake up old ways. It is a month bursting with potential for change, the type of change that connects our Hearts and minds with the core of our Inner Truth. Ascension is not so much about gaining knowledge and wisdom as it is stepping into whole life change. It is being the change, merging with it and allowing it to integrate into every element of daily life. Whether these changes be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, or a combination of all, once we move beyond old limitations and find that new place of expanded vision, we understand the benevolence these changes are bringing. For it is all positive. Even when things appear to be falling apart it is all with good purpose. Spirit has its way of creating cracks in the surface of whatever isn’t aligned with Soul Truth encouraging us to look deeper at the choices we make, the thoughts we create and the path we travel. This energy is, in a sense, prompting us to take the initiative and deconstruct everything around us so we can see with our own eyes all we have fabricated. At the same time, we’re being asked to push beyond these limits and cast our gaze far into the future. Where do we want to be? What do we want it to look like? Who and what do we want around us? When these new visions are streaming into our expanded consciousness we can bring them back to the here and now so we can make more authentic choices that allow these visions to grow with our conscious intent. This is the month with the potential for breakthroughs. The energy has already started to rise, the upgrades and accompanying symptoms are occurring. Eclipses are powerful events in their own right and coming in pairs, they set up a portal for reshaping life in sudden and often unpredictable ways. With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in Libra on 15 Apr and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 29 Apr, we have a 2 week portal intensified by the added surge of the Cardinal Grand Cross on the Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn axis. These are significant times and considering the Aries New Moon preceded everything on 29 Mar, it could very well play out as the boost that pushes us through any obstacles that may have been blocking our bold new beginnings. Or at least lines us up ready for when Mars turns direct from his retrograde motion on May 19. 2014 is shaping up as a year of restructuring the foundations of how we live, exposing Truth in all that we are and all we’ve become at an individual and collective level. As we zoom into these new energies, whether it be with exhilaration or apprehension, it is wise to remember nothing is random. There is a Great Plan behind everything delivering signs and messages for all who wish to see.


FullMoonThe Full Moon is upon us again and with it comes the culmination of energy that’s been building since the recent Solar Eclipse and really, in my mind, since the Lunar Eclipse in mid-October. It was always going to be intense travel through these 2 months with so much being shaken up and it’s panning out to be an unsettling mix of sensing we’re on the edge of something huge while being brought back to the minute detail of being in the right here and now. It’s like being asked to tune into the nature of infinity while honing in on the intricacies of nature herself. Each version of reality has its own place in our existence but we find ourselves searching for the balance between the two. For me personally, the past few months have given me a preview of where this Ascension journey is likely to take me. I arrived at a place energetically and yet physically, I’m still here at the top of the mountain, standing at the point of no return while feeling hindered from making the leap forward. I’ve been trying to shift my focus away from the day to day aspects of a life that’s fast disappearing to try and find the higher perspective of what’s happening and by doing so, I created a life map of how I see things fitting together. What I saw was, for me at least, the energy has been coming in bursts of about 6 month phases, so it’s no surprise finding myself on the cusp of another wave of evolution as this month unfolds. This last 6 months has felt like a ‘cross-over’ period where the new has been edging its way in with the support of the old. But now, there’s something different happening where the new is strengthening to the point where the old has to fall away and for that to happen, there must be even deeper purging and release. It seems as if the new is so strong now that to actually be ready to make the leap into it, the old ways must give way. This process may be excruciatingly slow or not, depending largely on where our mindset is. But despite all that’s happening, there is a point of resolution available now that’s encouraging us to stay focussed on living within the new ideology, to keep practicing it until it works, until we’ve unblocked all connections to our innate wisdom. A newsletter from Lemurian Awakening arrived this morning summing these times up beautifully:

Be the master of your reality. This is a lesson you need to learn before you can step further onto this exciting dimensional journey of yours …. Practice is the secret tool of the masters. ~ Adama via Kata

inside the void

bubbleWe are now inside the 2 week portal between eclipses, having passed through what’s been a draining and tiring Full Moon Lunar Eclipse over the past 48 hours. Full Moons bring culminations and endings and these familiar yet still uncomfortable feelings of letting go have been intensified by the power of the Aries eclipse. It’s not as if we haven’t been here before, we seem to have been in this relentless cycle of releasing and letting go for months on end, years even, but for those residing in the Blue Mountains and other regions of NSW Australia, the fiery energy of the Lunar Eclipse has created devastating circumstances. It is no one’s wish to experience transformation through such unforgiving events and yet Planet Earth continues on her path despite the affects of the extreme weather patterns we experience on her surface. But as we retreat into our bubble of hope, we can rest with the knowing that we are on the verge of change, something new really is emerging even though it still remains hidden and just out of reach. It is like we are inside a transitional void now, confined to an ever shrinking space where the past no longer exists and the future is not yet ready. It can be difficult energy to navigate, this feeling of everything being temporary like we are lost in no man’s land and don’t have anywhere of our own, along with the frustration of not being able to create anything new. In some ways it is pushing us to live in the moment, encouraging us to trust that the sequence of events now unfolding will open the right door to the right path at just the right time. And that is exactly what the next wave of astrological alignments could deliver. The first week of November brings another round of powerful energies with the Pluto/Uranus Square and the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. Scorpio energy is transformational in itself but with a New Moon, a Solar Eclipse and Saturn, Mercury and the North Node also in the sign, this combination speaks of deep evolutionary change that could not only open the door of new beginnings but the path to our destiny. This is the energy of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It can be difficult to see the brightness of the future when we when are losing everything around us, feeling paralysed and unable to move and yet it is there, twinkling in the not-so-distant outer reaches of our world. We’ve already been given glimpses of it, some of us have already experienced it and yet with this ever so slow, inch by inch forward movement, it can be missed or forgotten. We may have no idea how or when we get to stay in this Light of the new but we can retain our sense of personal power by surrendering to the process rather than resisting it, by slowing down our desires rather than wanting to jump ahead and by acknowledging the feelings that arise each day rather than suppressing them. By changing our perspective of the void, we can see it as a place of refuge rather than restriction. We are in essence being held in a bubble of protection until the ground of the new world is safe enough to support us.

on the verge

rollercoasterOctober arrives and with it comes a sense that things will no longer be what they were. We are on the verge of something new, something grand and expansive that will pave the road into a new way of living. But this movement comes and goes with the ebb and flow of energy, the push and pull of the planets and the ability within ourselves to maintain an even keel throughout it all. I experienced a period of disconnection after the Equinox, a distinctly odd feeling of being unplugged or taken offline. The energy returned through the influx on September 29 and is slowly building again as we approach the Libra New Moon this weekend and the upcoming Eclipse season that commences with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 Aries on October 19. There is an intensity in the air now, a sense of needing to push through the blocks and obstacles to clear the path ahead. A feeling of wanting to offload everything that is no longer needed. I keep waking up with thoughts of selling off everything I own, as if even the furniture in my house is no longer required. It’s making me think how much we hang on to possessions and in the reverse, how we believe in the comfort of these attachments. It makes me wonder if there is freedom in living lightly or is it through security and stability that liberation emerges. Whatever the outcome, October is heading to be a complex month. There are powerful energies at play here with a series of big alignments coming in one after another in the lead up to the Pluto-Uranus clash in early November as well as what’s likely to feel like a long Mercury Retrograde. It’s often said the only constant thing in life is change and this is likely to be the month where we come to understand the essence of those words. Breathe in deep, throw the arms up in the air and let go of the safety rail. If we can use the energy to create breakthroughs rather than breakdowns, this is going to be one wild ride.

we have arrived

ArrivalI don’t think anyone really knows what I’ve been through over the past 7 years. Much of it has passed in silence and in long periods of solitary isolation. It’s been like a Vipassana experience only there’s no returning to friends and family afterwards. It continues day after day. Solitude challenges you and maybe that’s the point. I was born with a strong mind and this is what it’s taken to overcome it. To master it. But I know my mind is not my weakness as it’s precisely its ability to absorb and process new concepts that’s become my strength. It occurred to me recently I was supposed to ‘wake up’ to my soul purpose over a decade ago but it didn’t happen and so it’s been a case of rapid catch-up, particularly over the past 4 years, where my Ascension experience has taken me through several initiations of spiritual energy before I even fully understood what was happening. I can see now the solitude has created the space needed for this advancement to occur, even at the expense of a ‘normal life’, so I could be exactly where I am right now in this very week. This is an extraordinary time bringing the Pisces ‘Harvest’ full moon, the Venus-Saturn-North Node conjunction, Pluto moving direct and the September Equinox. There is a gateway opening now that’s pushing us to be all we came here to be. A rebalancing within ourselves where Soul and Ego energies acknowledge each other and our feminine and masculine energies find their equilibrium. It is a week where fate and destiny are at play, where we are being called to walk the Earth in acceptance of our own power and our own gifts. As a Pleiadian Soul awakening to her Lemurian past, I can now see my role as an Energy Healer who, like many others, is here to help the passage of Gaia and her people into the energy of the 5th Dimension. But you can’t empower others until you understand yourself and so this past 7 years has been a journey of facing my own pain and sorrow. They say only sadness can open the Heart and there’s no arguing my Heart is wide gaping open. But this year, the energy has been different. I came home in tears one night in late January to a voice telling me to go to New Zealand. I ignored it but it persisted so I booked a trip for Easter not knowing what to do and when I found myself with the opportunity to be personally guided onto Aotearoa’s most sacred site, Te Miringa Te Kakara, it was clear this was not just a pretty sight-seeing tour. A month later I was at Uluru, the most sacred power site on our own land and a few days after returning home I experienced a significant energy opening that connected me to the channel of my Pleiadian Soul who then directed me back to NZ again to Piha Beach, another sacred location, where I experienced a further energy opening under the rays of the first Sirian Merkabah and Lion’s Gate stargate. Spirit clearly has a sense of humour sending me to Lion’s Rock for the Lion’s Gate and then to the Blue Mountains for the Blue Moon but follow the guidance I did and now today I find myself in a lush and fertile mountain valley in Northern NSW. As I sit here under a clear moonlit sky, with the Pisces full moon in the east and Venus and Saturn in the west, I can see the magic of it all. This feels like heartland country, if ever there was a place and it makes perfect sense to be here now. It’s time. This week is breakthrough energy. This is where something shifts, where we fall a little deeper into the mystery of life. And we will be different for the experience as this is what Ascension does. It pushes and pulls at us, at times it even squeezes the life out of us. But it changes us. It makes us see ourselves for who we really are. Our Souls are with us now, encouraging us to walk tall and proud over that Rainbow Bridge, saying yes, this is me and this is what I’ve been through to get here. It’s knocked me down but I got up again. I may have a wide open Heart but I’m no longer hanging off the edge of life. I’m right here. I have arrived.