uniting path and passion

With the Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurring within 24 hours, there is a rising intensity building up and triggering the desire to unite path and passion.

This year has been extraordinarily potent in pushing us deeper into our personal awakening, revealing exactly where we need to be and what’s in the way of getting there.

It has been a measure of extremes, ranging from the highest waves of infinite ecstasy to the heaviest obstacles of not knowing where we are or what to do next. Finding the middle road hasn’t always been easy and sometimes the only thing is to surrender to our centre point through conscious breath.

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masters of change

fractalIt’s reset time. Twelve hours after the New Moon Solar Eclipse and moments after the March Equinox. The Sun has moved over the last degree of the zodiac at 29 Pisces and the energy is shifting into the early degrees of Aries. As we settle into this fertile period between now and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 4 Apr, it is a good time to reflect on what is and isn’t working in our lives and to focus on the things we would like to change.

Life responds to our desires and it is during powerful times like this that change can either be thrown upon us unexpectedly or begin to appear within our lives through the actions of our own initiative.

Life is energy and everything that exists in our world holds its own frequency. From our physical bodies, to the trees, to the chair we’re sitting on, everything is made up of little cells and particles that vibrate at different frequencies. The speed of the vibration generates the illusion of density that gives form to the object that is only visible here in 3D. The same form would hold a totally different appearance in another dimension where the frequency is different.

Here on Earth in our 3D frequency, we are governed by certain universal laws that gives order to what would otherwise be planetary chaos. Actions generate certain responses. The Law of Cause and Effect. Everything has an opposite. The Law of Polarity. Everything rises and falls. The Law of Rythym. Underlying all laws is the general principle that like attracts like known as The Law of Attraction. Deepak Chopra wrote about the seven laws of spiritual success back in 1994 and there are many other writings explaining the scope of universal laws that influence our existence here.

But if we don’t won’t to delve into the world of universal physics, it is enough to know that everything we do, say and think generates energy. When we are unconscious about the way we live, life just appears to happen around us. But it doesn’t. Whether we know it or not, life is created by the accumulation of our own energy, from conscious thoughts, to subconscious fears, monkey-mind chatter and whatever it is that we get emotional about. And it is said, the stronger the feeling, the faster the experience will manifest. Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, whatever we give our whole-body focus to is what will appear in our life.

And once we get our heads around what that really means, we begin to awaken to how powerful we truly are. And also, most probably, to an overwhelming sense of self-responsibility and acceptance, for we also begin to see that no one else was responsible for anything we may have experienced in the past. It was all within us. In some shape or form, we have carried the energy that has enabled events of the past to occur.

On reaching this point, we then trigger a whole series of changes within our being which can either send us deeper into the realm of self exploration, healing and awakening or send us running back into denial, retreating from the fear of facing the secrets that have been long buried in our darkest parts.

But simply reaching this point in our journey is a milestone in itself for we are offering ourselves a choice we couldn’t see before. We now have new knowledge and understanding to guide our decision making and this precise moment holds the potential as the point of recognizing our own true power. Do we ignore the truths arising and continue the same way we always have or do we believe in ourselves as the masters of change, energetic beings with the ability to influence, direct and create the path of our own destiny.

a new moon or two

CrescentMoonGoddessWith the buzz of new beginnings flowing in through the New Year, there is no better time than over the next 4 weeks to consciously visualize what these new beginnings may look and feel like as we have not 1 but 2 New Moons coming up in the creative sign of Aquarius.

To me, these new moons are feeling like a big reset button. But it is a button that is pressed down tomorrow and not released until the later part of February.

These 2 New Moons form a powerful bookend to our journey through Aquarius with the first occurring at the potent 0 degree tomorrow and the second occurring at the end of the sign at 29 degrees on 19 Feb. But between these 2 lunations we also have the passage of our first Mercury Retrograde period for the year, with Mercury travelling from 17 degrees Aquarius back to 1 degree, before it begins to move forward again on 11 Feb.

That says we have a huge opportunity to implement our grand new beginnings but first we must engage in the retrospective energy of the retrograde by either reviewing and releasing any blocks we still might have in the area we wish to move forward in, looking back to the past in order to help find our way forward or even reconnecting with people gone by who may offer help, wisdom or even resolution before we are free to move on.

Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the free-thinking visionary, so wherever it falls in our chart, this is the area where we can apply our creative and unique ways to envision our highest way forward.

We have time, 3 weeks of retrograde time, to get the details right and with Mars also passing over Neptune this week, we have all the support we need to put action into our dreams or, as the conscious creators like to say, to dream our desired existence into being.

healing in nature

the12throadqldnpOver the past week I have been away in North Queensland camping out in nature with my dear friend in stunning National Park rainforests. We have been travelling light, sleeping out in the open with limited resources but with the ongoing chorus of birds, frogs, bats and the odd shower of rain on our canvas canopy, we’ve been mostly lying awake under the bright moonlight of what has been building up to this Aries Full Moon.

This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees on the Aries-Libra axis and marks the start of the next eclipse season which brings in a 2 week portal between the Lunar and Solar eclipses that has the potential to create significant and unexpected change.

The Aries-Libra energy highlights the Me vs Us theme, bringing forth situations that prompt us to find balance in relationships with those closest to us. We can find ourselves simultaneously craving our own space while yearning for intimacy or learning to express what we feel while respecting the needs and wants of the other.

For me, this Eclipse falls across my Ascendant/Descendant axis over the 1st and 7th houses. It is the perfect example of how the energy can manifest and a timely opportunity to be exploring the desire for freedom and connection in these early days of life with a new partner.

But there is so much happening in the cosmic skies at the moment it could also be feeling like sensory overwhelm. Eclipses are powerful events in their own right but these coming weeks bring a series of big alignments involving Uranus with a conjunction on the Eclipse followed by a Sun-Uranus opposition, a Venus-Pluto alignment and a Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

It would be an understatement to say this energy has the potential to deliver exciting changes and transformations that could very well be unexpected and unpredictable. At this stage of the year it seems almost anything could still happen and probably will.

So while we can bring our awareness onto the situations this energy is highlighting for us, it is also important to counterbalance the intensity with time in the natural environment. Nature itself is the neutralizer for all energy and time out in pristine forests and waterways, enjoying the simple pleasures of life with like-minded companions enables the highest stream of clarity to emerge.

Life is teaching us right now that to find that place of peace and balance within our relationships, we must first find peace and balance within our own self for the world around us is merely a reflection of all we have created within ourselves.




equinox new moon

kundaliniWe are moving through the September Equinox as I write, the midpoint between the Solstices and with it comes a welcome sense of balance. The pushing, pulling and squeezing of the last few weeks has gratefully eased and we are given room to breathe again.

There is space for settling in to where we are and if we wish, for looking ahead as with this energy comes openings, a releasing of what may have been hidden, held back or just out of reach. Openings that can help solidify our steps onto the path of the new as with this energy are the companion astrological alignments in the direct motion of Pluto, after 5 months of retrograde motion, followed by the Sun into Libra and the New Moon on the first degree of Libra.

Pluto is the little planet of intense transformation and his retrograde motion since mid-April has only enhanced what all the energy cycles are encouraging us to do, to dig deep into the murkiness of our shadow selves and remove all that is out-dated and obsolete, to free ourselves from old patterns and desires and release ourselves from wherever we are not in our own power.

Ironically, as Pluto completes this retrograde phase we are blessed with a New Moon at the first degree. While 0° is technically the first placement within a sign, a new Moon at 1° brings fresh surge of energy and so it is no surprise many are now feeling the desire for something new. To step out of what was and become someone new.

But this newness is not necessarily new in the sense of the word as all this self-analysis and self-discovery has been more of a process of uncovering, an unveiling of what has always been. As we work through peeling off the layers of who we were, we are revealing the true nature of who we really are and it is this essence of our true selves that is now urging to come out as the leading light in our lives. This light within is now finding a way to shine on the outer and it’s encouraging us to continue to shift and adjust our ways to align our paths with our new perception.

For me personally, the energy of transformation could not have appeared more boldly than it did on the weekend when a tree snake made its appearance in my bedroom. Thankfully I was not in danger and it was carefully removed by someone much braver than me but it did validate the significance of these times and as a friend noted, our animal friends make their appearance to show support on our path. With snake energy represented in the image of the Great Rainbow Serpent and the Kundalini, it is powerful symbol of creation, transmutation and shedding of the old to allow the emergence of the new.

So at this point of balance and in the spirit of Libra, this new energy is saying we are creating and we are free to choose our direction and decide which way we will tip the scales. The added freshness of a 1° New Moon is supporting new beginnings and with our true selves at the helm and all things at the core of our desires centred in Love, it is our choice as to where we go from here.


breathing space

dreamcatcherI’ve written before on how life, in my experience at least, seems to flow in 6 month phases. These realizations mostly appear when I allow myself some space to reflect on how individual events form the bigger picture of life’s journey. Sometimes the road that’s been travelled doesn’t reveal its true meaning until we’ve reached a place where we can to look back with a non-judgemental outlook. It is as if the wisdom of our travels only arises through gentle reflection. But these past years have been anything but gentle for me, with an ongoing intensity shaking the life out of most things. We are certainly being prepared for something totally new and unknown, something that is lingering just out of the picture but which is slowly revealing itself in the most surprising and unexpected ways. It’s often said that eclipses set the tone for the following 6 months and with an analysis of birth charts, alignments and astrological houses, it’s possible to see how these aspects come to be reflected in the happenings of our life. It’s also said that events triggered by eclipses are often sudden and unexpected, bringing a flood of change, or a breath of fresh air, depending on your outlook but always pushing us closer to where we are meant to be. I strongly believe we all come here with a purpose and whatever that purpose is forms the basis of our journey. That purpose will be different for everyone but it will always be something that’s close to our Heart. It will always be something that comes naturally. It might be something that remains concealed for a part of our lives but when it’s time for it to be revealed, when we are ready to embrace it, it will simply feel right. It will energize us in ways that nothing else can. This is the feeling that’s building now as we move into the last 4 weeks of Mars in Libra, a long life-changing transit that’s been taking place since last December with an added blast from the eclipses occurring during the middle of its retrograde period. I’m able to see now how these past 6 months have been nothing more than a resting place for me, some much needed breathing space while the road ahead comes together. The lesson from this period is that we do have a choice on where that road goes and that choice is ours alone. Life can be anything we make it. We have the power to co-create a meaningful existence that is both rewarding and peaceful. So as the momentum of the Mars transit comes to a climax, a turning point is appearing. Doors are opening that were once closed, opportunities are arising that were once hidden and not only is the road ahead now lit with a warm, welcoming glow, it could very well take us exactly where we dream of going. Into the truth of our Heart space, into the company of our Soul connections and into the joy of living a life that fulfils our deepest dreams and desires.

threads of happiness

new doorwayThere is intensity swimming around today. A niggling feeling that we’ve somehow shifted from where we are or we are yearning to shift from where we are or we’re sensing that something is soon to hit our horizon that will shift us from where we are. Whatever it is, it is about movement and no longer wanting to hover to and fro over this never never land of somewhere in between. It is being triggered by the stalling of Mars who finally changes direction tomorrow to begin his long awaited forward movement from retrograde motion that began back on 2 March. We won’t be in full motion until he moves completely out of the shadow period on 20 July but for now at least, there will be momentum in what has been simmering on the back burner for the past few months. Or, as it may be the case, there may have been an unveiling of an entirely new scenario to ponder in these last weeks of the retrograde since the energetic openings of the Eclipses in late April. However the story is unfolding, it is likely the road ahead is now a whole lot clearer than it was earlier in the year. And it is more than likely that the road is paved with the threads of our own happiness, our true Heart’s desires. With the urge to break free from restrictions and engage and unite in the spirit of freedom, it is a time that has heralded great surprises in my own life, bringing deep connections and life changing moments out of the blue. The foundations of what I have holding in my own Heart have changed and yet the buildings blocks remain the same. It was a shift I didn’t see coming. But the core of this energy is to stay connected with what is rising up and to not compare our own path with what constitutes happiness for others. This is the path to authenticity and it is lit by the truth and passion that comes with expressing our own Self. With momentum set to flow, there should be a release in the coming days that will strengthen the old inner knowing that we are always being guided to exactly where we are meant to be. Into the Light, by the Light and through the Light, our Hearts are leading the way.

venus rising

heartenergy.jpgEarlier this week I witnessed a magical golden sunset that filled the rooms of the North Queensland house I’m staying in with the most beautiful soft, warm, pink light. As the changing colours moved across the sky, shimmering across the sea and through the palm trees, we were gifted a unique moment of being drawn into something beautiful by the ever surprising pull of nature. The pink hues flowing across the sky that night reflect the energy of these coming weeks as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, amps up her power as she moves through Aries triggering each of the planetary heavyweights of retrograde Mars, Pluto and Uranus along her way. Venus energy is soft, warm and feminine. She glides through our lives sprinkling her magic wherever she can. She is the essence of the Heart energy that’s enveloping our world and accelerating our progress towards this new life that is now unfolding. But through these alignments the foundations of happiness are shifting in sudden and unexpected ways. New locations, new connections and new experiences are emerging out of the blue. Life is changing (again) as the new energy awakens our bodies in ways that transcends all we have ever known about ourselves, about life, about love. These higher energies are guiding us into situations that surprise us. Situations we may have never seen coming. Situations that encourage brave moves on to a true and authentic path and reward us with much deeper and more meaningful experiences than we’ve previously known. When we are ready to embark on the journey of the Soul we recognize our Soul partners through their inner Light and this energy is fostering Soul connections. Venus is ushering in the energy of togetherness. Uniting like-minded Souls who are ready to experience a union that can only emerge when the timing is right. Now is that time. It is time to let the natural flow of the Universe pull at us in the most surprising and beautiful ways.