day of alcyone

AlyconeWhen I woke last Saturday, the sky was heavy with rain clouds and the air cold with a damp winter chill. Yet the colours of the last autumn leaves and new winter blooms were heightened against the darkness of the morning light. There was a beauty in the stillness and a gratefulness in me that it was a day where I could happily sit in a blanket and enjoy the peacefulness. As the morning progressed, I also became aware of a growing intensity of Love in my Heart chakra urging me to do all things beautiful. So I filled my space with incense, had a rose scented bath and set up my crystals and candles for a ceremonial meditation. This was not a typical Saturday for me, not with the increasing demands of work and the unrelenting stop/start movement of the continual cleansing we’ve been put through this year, this day was different. It was as I came to learn, the day of Alcyone. The point where our Sun has moved from Taurus into Gemini, aligning with the brightest star in the Pleiades known as Alcyone. But happy to flow with the magical pull of these energies, I let them guide me into a deep meditation where I felt my kundalini rise to the intense levels I hadn’t experienced since it awakened in 2010. This surge of spiritual union was enough to sustain a natural high into the following day until I received an unexpected message which sent me plummeting into disbelief and an unwelcome feeling of loss and separation. The stark contrast was intensely disturbing and no matter how I tried to rationalize the circumstance, the density of the feelings stuck like mud. Karen Bishop has written these energies were intended to do exactly this, separate Souls who are no longer travelling the same road in order to enable each Soul to prepare for the upcoming split that the Ascension energies are now creating. Indeed some Souls may be acting in puzzling ways as they unconsciously fortify their changing worlds while others on the Awakened path will soon be propelled into a very new reality. But as much as abrupt change is no stranger in this Ascension process, we are only human and it’s never easy on the nervous and emotional systems. But as I’ve come learn, if we sit with whatever is put before us, we will in time push through the heaviness and come back to the sacred space that is our centre. I use ambient soundscapes for these increasingly uncomfortable journeys and so with determined purpose, I spent the evening in a musical trance staring at my candles until clarity returned through the rise of images centred on Love. Knowledge. Play and Travel. But then the meditation deepened into a new sensation that took me back to the Heart centred energy of the day before. As the merkabah activated and the feeling of Love strengthened, these sensations condensed the energy into my right hand and forefinger, prompting me to write, firstly in the air, then on paper, then at the computer. Still with eyes closed and in a deep Theta state, I found myself channelling by automatic writing from the other side of the Pleiadian Veil. Words pertinent to my own Higher purpose and newly opened path.

You have a task, they said, and we are here to help you. We come to tell you about yourself and why you are here. We will help you to learn this technique. It will help you heal and to heal others. All of us are all of You and we are all here as One. You have been asking and we have been waiting. Now we are all here. Welcome

seven sisters

I have been seeing the words Seven Sisters in recent weeks, a clear message it was time to gather information and share. I already knew where it was leading but it can only come when the timing is right. There is no rushing the Spiritual, all happens exactly as it should. And so I come back to this post I’ve attempted to write several times but couldn’t. The information wasn’t clear but now it is and it’s starting with Lemuria. This is the beginning, the basis of Humanity as we know it. Lemuria has its origins around Hawaii, at a time when the current islands were one large mountain form. This mountain peak was the highest on the planet and about 100,000 years ago there was a significant event here, an event that also holds significance in the Awakening of our Spiritual Truth. This is where the Pleiadians arrived from the Seven Sisters, in the Love and Light of the Creator, to seed biological humans across the planet with their Spiritual (quantum) DNA. This occurred over many centuries but where other cultures on the planet died out, the Lemurian civilization evolved in great strength. They were highly advanced, multi-dimensional beings operating at about 90% of their DNA. They were in essence our true Ancestors, the first human civilization to be both Biological and Divine, to carry the spark of the Creator. But their society was not technologically advanced, it was intuitive. They were aware of energy, they were healers and they were in touch with the stars, aware of their spiritual origins as descendants from the Seven Sisters, the star cluster in the constellation of Taurus also known as the Pleiades. Throughout history, the Seven Sisters has been a significant spiritual focus for many indigenous cultures. For some, it has always been their creation story. For us, it is also a creation story but one of a different flavour, the creation of galactic evolution. The Pleiadians are closely connected with Earth, watching over and assisting us as we move through the Great Shift, which we now know is the returning of Humanity to a multi-dimensional state in a natural process in the evolution of life. It has been recorded by ancients and astronomers alike, that a spiral of light emanates toward our Sun from Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades. Some believe this path of light is a communication channel in which information is downloaded to Earth to assist our passage through these changing times and those channelling Pleiadians would surely agree. But what is significant for us is that this is an event on a Galactic level. As the Solar System comes to a major point in its orbit around the centre of the Galaxy, an orbit that takes 200 million years, the alignment will spark an event that involves the entire Milky Way. We are connected to the higher realms of the Galaxy through our Consciousness and so it is through the raising of the vibration of Human Consciousness that this event can occur. The Pleiadians, our guardians from the 5th Dimension, are reminding us of our Sacred role in the Galaxy’s evolution, encouraging us to open ourselves to Enlightenment as it is through these energies of the higher realms, through the mastery of Love, that we will remember who we are and why we are here.