an invitation

There is a huge wave of creativity wanting to come into being, to be expressed and manifested into action, form and motion.

It is a quickening and I invite in this acceleration of timelines so the future path comes forward now, intersecting with the current life post here in this very moment.

I invite in the highest codes of healing I can embody and allow them to move through me in the highest possible way.

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activating infinity

Today is 11:11, the Freedom Portal, the opening to all things greater than the time matrix illusion we have existed in.

So what better day to activate my energy to knowing I can connect with everything that’s there for me. I can do and be everything that’s been shown to me.

I can move beyond where I am and into something far greater than I could ever imagine.

What better day to begin this daily practice of feeling how exquisite life can be in the new realm of infinite possibilities. Where my energy openly and willingly accepts change, expansion and growth in every possible way.

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