return of ancient goddess lore

The Pisces Full Moon brought through a radiant frequency of the Divine Feminine in the return of the Goddess as a Divine Sovereign Priestess. This energy has been strengthening through the New Moon and is on a whole different paradigm to anything I have experienced before.

It is steeped in the ancient lands of Greece, or what I feel as the Aegean Sea and island of Crete, and is being pulled through me via the Aegean Warrior Goddess, Divine Athena. Her message is strong and clear; she stands by in full support. She is adept at weaving and can use these gifts to weave through our consciousness the Divine Thread of Truth and Wisdom for instilling the symbol of Freedom for emergence of the Divine Code of Ancient Lore. The Ancient Code of Goddess Lore.

This Code is activated by The Sea and illuminated by The Sun. There is a warrior content, for efforts passedsea goddess, the remembrance coming and the convergence of the two. There is a Great Rising Within coming through the Sword of The Sea, reignited and activated for reinstatement in current time, current place, current mind, current body.

Through this activation all is unveiled in Pure Divine Form for full restoration in this lifetime. All shall override what has been and what is. All is in Pure Alignment with the Divine Code for the re-emergence of All Signature Energies that ignite within a deep coherence of the Code of Ancient Lore.

Here they show me an oval shaped Aquamarine crystal at my Third Eye. This crystal holds immense power to infiltrate and reconstruct what is not in Pure Alignment with the aquamarineSacred Source. It is a power crystal, a rehabilitizer and stabilizer for the Sacred Path. It is the vessel for crystalline essence to flow and express through Divine Oneness. In Oneness, there is Pure Expression. Simplification. Overlapping and Coherence of One Path. One Truth. One Code that eliminates and overwrites all other pathways. Only One Path Aligns with the Code. That pathway brings forward all change to manifest in coherence with the Code.

This One Sacred Path will no longer be hidden. It will emerge in the Pure Form of the Divine Code as a channel for the Rising Goddess and will foretell of all activities and creations to activate the unfolding of Ancient Goddess Lore.

In full crystalline clarity, the coherence of the Code shall become apparent within goddessthe Holographic Field of the One holding the Code. In purity of mind, body and soul, that Holographic Field shall embody what is known as Divine Sustainment. In such Sustainment, elemental shifts shall take place. This magnetic reaction will incite a Resonant Knowing allowing the One holding the Holographic Field to be in the position to flow with the currents and allow natural instincts to guide the Path of Higher Manifestation.

In the folklore of Goddess entrainment, there is Miracle Consciousness at play and it is in this space that All shall unfold with Divine Assistance for Clear Resolute Clarity of the circumstances under which all is to be unveiled.

Received by The 12thRoad  Aug/Sept 2018



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