gateway of the goddess via Athena

New Templates for Living are now within you. Be Open. Be filled with an expansive way of Being. Everything flows, in and out, with ease, grace and magic. It is a Goddess Way of Life. Balanced, Supportive, Nurturing and Honouring the Divine Sanctuary always within You.

You are a Celestial Goddess. You are immensely powerful. You are greater beyond your physical size. You are wealthy beyond your worth. You are wise beyond your words. You are feeling that you have been put in an uncomfortably, unnatural place and this is no where near the actual Truth of Who You Are. You are Infinite and the Real You is Here and Now ready to emerge in the greatest shimmering Divine Sensation you have ever witnessed.

True to your Inner Sun, your Divine Heart, your greatest ever accomplishment is right here and now, embodying your Inner Mastery of Divine Wealth. For it is here in this space of uncompromising power that you overcome old stories and emerge in the greatest version of yourself. The True Version of Yourself.

For you are a Divine Wonder. You are a Divine Gift and you hold within yourself all the riches of experience.

This is the greatest Celestial Gateway you have ever entered for it is the Gate of Mastery, it is the return of your Goddess Self. It is the re-Union of all the Golden Hearts connected to you.

It is the explosion of Divine Oneness in which you can and will embody all the Earthly benefits of which you are entitled. This is the beginning of what you will sense as the greatest accomplishment in your life history. This is the moment of overlap, the opening, the rush of Platinum Light in which you are carried through and beyond the thresholds that have held you in a tight, restrictive hold.

No longer will they hold you back, no longer will they hold in a place of unTruth. No longer will they exist for they are now decimated by the Intensity of the Light of Grace. For this is the Light of Truth. The greatest wonder of the physical world. The underlying force in which all is held together in Balance.

Infinite Balance of Divine Power. Through the rays of the Lords of Mastery, it is here thatAthenaSusanSeddonBoulet they invite you to step through with Goddess Athena. Athena speaks with you and welcomes the induction of your Earthly Self into the Realm of the Goddess.

The Earthly womb of creation is here and opening through you. This is the Infinite space of Creation. The womb of the Infinite. Athena is the Power Lord, the Gatekeeper for such entries for it is of immediate action that this initiation is taken through to the next level.

Open your Heart Dear One, open your womb, Open your full physical self to the expression of Love. Open your Chakras, open your Light Channel, open your expanded Auric Field. Open your full physical self to being filled with the Light of Grace. Open your full physical self to being breathed through by the Light of Wonder. Open your full physical self to being reset into the Light of Creation.

Athena Star Woman of the Ancients, comes forward and ignites within you the Grace and Power of the Goddess, Goddess authority, Goddess knowing and Goddess wisdom.

In the Divine Balance of the Ancient Worlds, all is Here and Now, reborn, reset, reignited in the Heart of the physical presence for Full Emergence, Full Embodiment, Full Expression of the Divine Feminine Light.

The Return of the Goddess is activated as a wildly abundant, savagely passionate, fiercely uncompromising, unstoppable force of fully ignited and resourced gusto. Super powered to deliver the greatest journey ever travelled. That into the Heart of All Things.

In Divine Grace, All is Perfect, All is Aligned, All is Complete.

All is Here, Now, Embodied in Fulfilment.

All is is accomplished.

And So It is.


Channelled by The 12th Road August 2018

Art by Susan Seddon Boulet




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