emerging from the deep blue

There is Golden Energy circling you. This energy is rewarding you for all efforts, past, present and future, in the commitment to your Angelic Path. The message here is that the Angelic Path is forever opening within you and it is through this connection that you open to the deeper understanding of the meaning of all things.

This connection is delivering to you all you need to move forward into the Path that is waiting for you. It is a Path of deeper manifestation of what you already have experienced for there has been much to be grateful for and much to be rewarded for. In this instance it is bringing a message from the Whale Collective in which you hold a deeper connection beyond what you presently understand.

This message is one of bravery and courage. It is one of emergence. It is one of taking the plunge into the Deep Blue that resides in the centre of your Being. Do not be afraid of these deepest, darkest areas of your Soul for this is where the oldest channels of wisdom reside. It is where the Deep Blue Rays of intel emit their pulses of Light and Sound that establish the structure of life around you. Flow with their pulsing grace and you will be carried through your intuitive processes into all that is waiting for you.whales

The Whale Collective are carrying the Field for the awakened ones. Holding in their presence the beloved Light of the Deep Blue Ray.

This is a Sirian Light Ray. A Sirian pulse prompting you and all connected into the depths of the Field. This is where the awakened ones are being brought to be recoded, reformatted, retuned into the New Harmonic. It is the Field where you are being retuned into your Highest being, your Higher Self.

The Whale Collective are assisting with their Light emissions, with their co-ordinance of signals to activate and hold the Field of Light that carries the Deep Blue Ray.

The Deep Blue Ray is one of Angelic origin. It is a ray of exquisite beauty and clarity emitting within its full spectrum the Angelic qualities of the manifested form; Power and Grace embodied. These qualities are One in the masters that you are, in the embodiments that you are.

The Deep Blue Ray is the quality of the absolute for it is in this layer of Untold Truth that you will find purpose and completion. It is the Infinite layer of Divinity, Divine Nature, Divine Will, Divine Purpose and full Divine Alchemical Transformation.

Embodiment of the Deep Blue Ray is the activator for Release and Transcendence. For the Freedom of Spirit to rise and soar through the gates of Heaven and into the Garden of Eden that awaits. It is the return of the lost aspects of human experience. It is the emergence from the chrysalis. It is the freedom teachings of the Angelic Realm.

Arriving here, now, in this deep space of the Blue Ray is the Celestial Light force that encircles the Golden Energy of reward around you.

It is a reward of acknowledgement, of passage through and arrival in, a new space and time. It is the foundation for this next phase and one anchored into the time space realm of the new Celestial Gateway.

The Deep Blue Ray is Celestial Embodiment.

13 Divine Grace 13 Divine Goddess 13

Channelled by The 12th Road August 2018



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