the dawn of light being’ness

Imbedded in these ongoing Waves of Source encoded Light, the Golden Light of our Luminary Consciousness, lies the opening to the fullness of our Harmonic Universe. The filaments of our highest expression are now activated in full flow, full luminance, through this New Moon opening and into the new cycle of the New Golden Age.

There is something in the readiness of this New Moon. In some ways we have been released, we are ready to evolve, expand, adapt and receive. We are ready explore the vastness surrounding us. We are ready to merge, be and become. The preparation is over. We are ready for the Dawn of our Light Being’ness.

When we invite the higher codes into our world, life changes. There are permanent shifts that transform how we see, think, feel and perceive. When we invite the codes in, they flow through all levels of our existence like a river of Light. They have intelligence, they know what to do. All we need do is provide the pathways for their movement through all levels of our consciousness. It may not be comfortable nor always pleasant but it will set life up in ways that were before unimaginable.

It will create permanent shifts in our personal transformation and move us into our Light Being’ness.

As our title of light awakens within us, we are given all that is needed to embrace and embody our true identity as a conscious Light Being. It ignites our soul signature, stimulates our soul purpose and enlivens all energetic layers with deep transformation that supercede what was conscious reality before.

It opens up possibilities for a reality change, a shift into a new set of parameters that offers vastly different perspectives on what can be achieved, what is to be ushered in,merge what is priority and what is not. It opens up possibilities for who we really are and why we desire the way we do.

The Dawn of our Light Being’ness is now rising in the fullness of this Source encoded Light. For all souls residing on this frequency, it is seeded and ready as a momentous opportunity to return to embodied Union.

In all aspects of Light Work there is a sense of activated co-ordination of co-creating the circumstances in which all can fall into place in perfect timing and placement. There is a sense of physicality working with spirituality so all may move together in perfect harmony and resolution. This is one of those times.

There is a magnitude of energy available for the restoration of all Light filaments to their optimum levels, for recreating pathways between the lower and higher forms and accessing the full range of light frequencies available for our healing and advancement.

This is a New Cycle for sharing, reflecting, embodying and enjoying the full gift of wisdom of our Luminary Consciousness.

It is the Dawn of our Light Being’ness.




6 thoughts on “the dawn of light being’ness

  1. This is beautiful and in perfect agreement with what was shown to me via a shamanic journey just last week! We are being reunited with our Highest/Oriiginal/True self and it is initiating a huge shift/change/awakening in us…..catapulting us to the fulfillment of our Soul’s purpose in this life….and perhaps even across lifetimes! It is so!

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