the point of inflection

With the Eclipse energies settling, the Light Waves are now holding us in a pattern of releasing all non-truths blocking our connection to Divine Flow so we may move freely into the Higher Purpose of the New Templates.

The New Templates are steeped in Freedom. We must be free to do, be, create, give, share and receive through our connection to Divine Flow so we can bring through that which is already instilled within us for the benefit of Gaia and the whole of humanity alike.

This freedom emerges when all is clear, when there is full movement, full knowing, full acceptance. When we are awake, clear and conscious of the space we occupy, the potential we hold and the light magic we are connected to.

When we utilize the power to shift our consciousness into the space of neutrality, the Zero Point, we are imprinted with a new focus, a new story, a new way of being. Through this neutrality we can access a new perspective of seeing how this new way of being is the key to the New Templates.

Zero Point is the point of inflection for entering the New Templates.

It is here in this space that we are infused with all that is held in our Sacred Right. Sacred Right is our Sacred Power and it is in this sense that we are being ushered through with the greatest respect for creating what we know to be our Sacred Legacy. For we each have a purpose to fulfill and that purpose requires our Freedom to be Absolute in All ways and on All levels.

Freedom is like the Cosmic Wind.siriusbblacksarah

It flows through us like the breath of life. It is what feeds us, what sustains us. It is what facilitates the fullness of our Divine Flow. It could also be the breath of fire, burning through all that resides in the darker shadows of any areas of non-truth.

February’s darkness is burning through the shadow in readiness for the illumination of the Cosmic Fire. It is an initiation, as the Light spirals up, down and around us, opening up the stellar gateways that rest inside us. Within all of us.

It reminds me of the story of ancient Ionian women, who in their Shamanic Path, opened their womb to the Stellar Winds.

‘For only one who is ‘burnt’ has the stellar power to open to the Zero she really is.’

*Artwork and Inspirational Descriptions by Seat Of The Goddess  –





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