embracing new templates

And so on the Day of Hearts, the eve of the closing Eclipse window, the message of this Eclipse Season is about eliminating the polarity frequencies that keep us separate from our Soul Truth and engaging in practices that encourage the physical body to let go of what it has always known and embrace the space of what it considers to be the Unknown. The space of the Master Frequency.

In truth, the Master Frequency isn’t unknown to us, it has been wholly known for all time at an unconscious level. It is where we originate from, where we are projected from, where we are sustained from. It is what generates our Peace, Balance and Harmony and as we peel away the layers of polarity programming it is revealed to our 3D consciousness as a way of restoring our reality to one that is more consciously aligned with vibration of that frequency.

For star seeds, light bearers, indigos and crystals, life is getting very active as we are pushed from the Inner Planes to shift up and out of the old programming and into the activating grids of expansion. With opening after opening after opening, we are guided and nudged in every way possible to reach beyond our previous limits and pull our existence, in Wholeness and Completeness, up into the New Templates.

First we went through a long period of recognizing our Soul Truth. This was a long period of introspection, meditation and reconnection as we began to understand the Light in our Heart and how it is connected to all things beyond what we can see. Then we were pushed into the deactivation of the programming that has held us in the old ways. This too has been a long and arduous and quite intense in recent years. It had to be as in order to break free we must first recognize the structures we are actually breaking free from.

Now all is accelerating as we create momentum and stream our expandingspiral consciousness into the new grids supporting our New Templates. Here is where we find ourselves, anchoring in One by One, like bubbles rising to the surface, into the space of Full Illumination. As the body lets go of all that held us in the illusion of the old reality, we are able to see with enhanced Clarity and Wisdom how the New Templates are supported in the pristine beauty of Divine Grace, how all is enlivened through Peace and Stillness, how everything is united in Love and Gratitude.

There is a Graceful Presence unfolding here and it is in this grace that all shall reset and unfold in Perfect Harmony and Balance and Alignment with the Signature Frequency of our Souls’ Reunion.

For this is a marker point for our Soul’s return to Truth and Sanctity. It is a marker point for returning to Alignment with All that is flowing in our Path. It is a marker point for Resetting and Renewing our connection to all that is available as we step forth in magnetizing all that is required for activating our Ascension Timeline.

In the Light of Truth, in the Light of Love, in the Light of Grace emanating from the Circle of White Lighted Beings holding space around me Here and Now, all is illuminated, activated and embellished as a Sacred Portal for Ascension. Now.



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