returning to the master frequency

The whole of January has been a wild swinging ride from openings and enlightenment to restrictions and entanglement. One day it’s here. The next day it’s not. The day after we can’t even remember where we are. If there is one thing to come out of the intense beginnings of our 11 Mastery year, it is seeing that mastery is all about choosing your own way, recognizing what’s in front of you and choosing your own way anyway.

The Way is illuminated by the power of our Central Pillar of Light. The power of our Light may have been concealed in the past but it is all that remains constant in this ever changing world. It never leaves us, never diminishes, never fades. It is always there. Even if we have to struggle through layers of murkiness to find it. It is always there.

As we work our way back to our Central Pillar of Light, we begin to sense the subtle shifts of connection from those outer systems and structures created by others to the inner channel of wisdom and insight already within ourselves.

When it is said, all that is needed is within you, this is our Central Pillar of Light in action. When our cellular structure is in tune with the frequency of that Light, our magnetic power is enhanced and we can consciously create independently from anything or anyone else. That is the power of our inner magnetism and our frequency when we are free from distortions and interference.

In a world that is moving from one way of life to another, it is imperative that we get our inner magnetism working again, that our Central Pillar of Light be illuminated with the clarity and coherence of our Signature Frequency.

Frequency is the new language and I sense this will be the core of the biggest transformations for 2018.

Frequency is what creates. Light illuminates the frequency, Sound tunes the frequency, Meditation blends the frequency. When all levels of our Being are in tune with our frequency, a harmonic wave is created that fuels our magnetism and creates connection with the multi-dimensional infinite world we are moving into.


This is the message coming out of this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Mastery is found in our Signature Frequency. When we choose our own way, we choose our Master Frequency.

Our Master Frequency holds all knowledge, all wisdom, all knowing. Our Master Frequency holds the power to rewrite the story we place ourselves in. Our Master Frequency holds the power to reset the program we live within. Our Master Frequency holds the power to restore the systems we exist within.

Our Master Frequency is being illuminated by this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse event. It is a Powerful Moon that can reflect all we need to know. If we set the intention, clear the channel, focus on the light, tune into the frequency, we will find it. We will hear it. We will know. Conscious or unconsciously, we will get the message. We will receive what’s needed.

The systems of life are changing. They are being restored back to their patterns of coherency and it begins with our Master Frequency. This is the single path of return to our true source of power.

The Master Frequency is what is next.




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