a path to divine legacy

Back in August, something unusual happened where I was taken offline from the usual channels of information I’ve been connected to and plugged into a different one. This new line of connection felt distinctly different, offering broader perspectives of thought and understanding that focused on the sole purpose of creating a dialogue between the inner and outer parts of me.

These two parts have been operating with their own separate programs for most of my life and having the ability to now understand how they became separated at a very early age, I also have the understanding of how they can be reunited. How it is now time for them to merge and unify, where the inner can blend with the outer and the outer can move with the inner.

Back then I was given a huge download of information that has been slowly (very slowly), integrating into my physical being. This information was focused on an approaching breakthrough and how when it occurred, these two parts of me would speak the same language. For the first time in this physical incarnation, I would experience life through a Blended State where the inner and outer parts would exist in harmony rather than what has often felt like polar opposites.

What I’ve learnt through this process is that I have never been comfortable in this polarity universe and that for the most part of my life I have been searching for something else but the real truth behind that longing was to experience the Soul Essences in the physical. That I would only be completely fulfilled when all Soul Essences are reflected in their true value on both the inner and outer planes in a more familiar sensation of a unified form.

This was a revelation. I could see the patterns that have held these two parts of me in separateness and sought help from quantum healers to help dissolve the energetic structures (and implants) keeping them in place. I focused on the integration and union of the polarity in me and saw how this was where true happiness lies as the unified form is what holds the key to the harmonic resonance of all things, in the sense that the Blended State is complete and so there is no more yearning because the wanting is complete.

What has also been coming through in parallel to this was the sense that ‘I’ was not here suncircleyet. That what was here was an image of me, a shadow of me. It was not the real essence of me and that when I ‘arrive’, I will transform the space I inhabit. It was like the human part of me has held the space for the higher me to arrive and when it does, it will overlap the heart of all that is.

This was shown to me as geometry, where 3 circles of life overlapped to be absorbed and upshifted into a field of higher embodiment. These 3 circles lined up to create a tunnel effect, as Suns over Suns or a Stargate. It was the moment when paths overlapped creating an explosion of energy through a natural occurrence.

As I wake up today, the 21 Dec Solstice, it occurs to me that this Solstice is significant for the Sun’s alignment with the Galactic Centre which contains the Great Central Sun. It is the overlapping of Sun over Sun, and what many are suggesting as the trigger point for a deeper and more expansive awakening as we align with the point of convergence.

Leading into this, I received a message in Oct on remembering the crystalline structures that create the passageways for energy to move and how those energetic structures hold consciousness in the same way we do and how that consciousness is calling out to be heard by those who can hear.

In Nov, I sensed a glorious Inner Sun rising and received a message from Ra the Sun God as the Omnipresent coordinator of the flow of that conscious energy.

In Dec, all has been accelerating towards a New Beginning with the sensation of the Platinum Ray clearing the way to a very different space to reside in (on all levels). This new space appears with a bright, clear clarity that will take all parts into a new direction where the words won’t be so much a physical interpretation as a remembrance of the wisdom held in the crystalline pathways.

The message today is that the Magnetism of the Solar Heart is the central activator for these new experiences coming in and that the work we have done this year to clear and declutter the grid systems on which we reside has been successful in allowing the shifts to occur.

sunvibeThe Solar Heart is key to embodying the Solar Rays and it is through these channels that all transfers and becomes available to us. It fuses onto the grids that form our templated system and as we become more conscious, we are able to sense the resonance they carry and feel the shifting of realities into one that holds expanded awareness, expanded possibilities and all that is required to fulfill our light encoded destiny.

The Path to Unity is a path we must all take. How we get there doesn’t matter, it only matters that we forge ahead with pure intention to be the best we can, to embody the highest we can and to manifest the greatness we can.

What we do with that energy is up to us. We all have a different origin and different missions but it is in recognizing and utilizing the essences that make us whole that we come together on the unified front as conscious expressions as soul embodied beings.

I sense this to be the beginning of a Highly Creative phase that will see everything restructure in total transformation on the physical plane.

I keep getting the word Legacy. A bequest, a gift, a birthright.

In connecting to our Higher Heritage and embodying all that heritage has to offer, we are given all we need to create our Divine Legacy and to not only transform our own experience of life but all those we are connected to.

This shift feels to me as the beginning of the Legacy of Light.


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