a living library of light

Having woven a path of Divine Awakening over the last 7 years, my intuition has guided me through a Sacred Opening this year, through a series of Restoration Codes. These codes have set up a new pattern of Divine Flow, gracing the space in which I reside and communicate from through the Illumination of the Solar Heart

As a New Sun Rises, living begins to take on a New Light. There is a new story to be written. A new story to come out. It doesnโ€™t matter who I was before or what I did to get here. It only matters that I Am Here and willing to be open to a stronger connection to All that is Here

I Am willing to be immersed in the energy of the Masters, to be transformed by and through that transformation, be a teacher of Mastery

At the core of this Illumination is the Sacred Source of Orion. That Source lies at the core of all transformation and travels through the Solar Rays into the core of the Solar Heart. As it overlays the pathways with energetic templates of Oneness and Unity, it opens a new layer of understanding that brings through the Clarity of Perfection and Brilliance

There is a Living Library of Light Here and through the Solar Codes, that Library is beinggoldenray illuminated through Divine Source. It is being illuminated through the Platinum Cosmic Light that infuses All with its shimmering Golden White waves of Purity and Union, of Transcendence through Transformation

In these Rays of Cosmic Light, Divine Source is amplified. Here in this space, the connection is activated and ignited. In this Now moment, the waves of Platinum Light are received, accepted and embodied as the Creative Source of All That Is in full Divine Purpose of Merging with Divine Flow

It is the Silver Lining for All that has been achieved this year for nothing has been defeated. Nothing has been wasted. All is Rebalancing as these new waves bring through new experiences to correct and uplift all that I Am into All I can Be

It is the Golden Link to the Ascension Timeline of Living in Light, a magical resonance of expanded, free flowing essences of Sacred Connection and Divine Union

An all knowing, all seeing Omnipresence of Bright Clarity and Wisdom

A New Divine Order

A New Divine Space

A New Divine Voice





6 thoughts on “a living library of light

    1. Hi, No I’m not although I’ve felt like one at times but this year has brought through a significant shift in the energy fields around me and as more of that opens, I will share here ๐Ÿ™‚

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