the road to absolution

Anyone in tune with these prolific energies understands the vastness of the transformation taking place. It is a continual wave of regeneration infiltrating every aspect and layer of what we understand as life.

Here at the point of the Aries Full Moon, a marker for establishing new beginnings after what has been a phenomenal phase since August, we are in the midst of epic changes where we can no longer connect to what was. We are disconnecting from the past where all appears distant and faded as if it was from an old era totally irrelevant to what is emerging in this new Here and Now.

This space of The 12th Road is no exception. It has given me immense joy to share my humble experiences of finding my way through the maze of Ascension pathways and has opened up so much more than I could have ever imagined when I quietly started back in 2012.

But this year, my body has been experiencing a range of intense transformations, recognitions, understandings and openings that reflect the core shift many others are also moving through. At times it is hard to find words to describe what is going on as it is not so much a mental process but a rewriting of inner cellular language. Some days I can barely function while others I can see with renewed clarity how everything is transforming into an expanded version of itself.

Moments like these feel like a pause in time for giving ourselves the space we need to assimilate the changes in structure and direction as we face a radical shift in focus, where what was important no longer is and what is important wasn’t even on the radar before.

The words I’ve shared on The 12th Road have never been something I could anticipate but over the years it has taught me how to develop trust and faith in my intuitive voice. That voice is now growing full in its Divine Expression and is ready to teach me how to step back and allow the Cosmic Light to guide me in more of what I do. In some ways I have reached an ending of the 12 Roads but a new journey is presenting itself through what I sense is the magic of the 13th gate.

FlowerofLifeThis new journey is one we are all destined for. Reconnection, Remembrance. Returning to the inner Soul Wisdom that’s been waiting our arrival.

In recent weeks I have found myself back in the Akashic Records gaining deeper understanding of what is occurring and while one Life Book has closed, a new Life Book is opening for the co-creation of the Highest Desires.

Archangel Metatron has come forward as a Master of the Light with guidance on the cellular regeneration that is activating this new Language of Life. Metatron says all energetic systems are being magnetised to the direction of the Call of the Light and as they accumulate the Higher Energy particles they infuse a Light quotient beyond what was previously experienced.

The geometry of how things operate then changes. Metatron’s Cube metatronis a key element here and during one session I was given the image of the Flower of Life transforming into the illuminated geometry of Metatron’s Cube. It is a fitting symbol of how the upgrades of 2017 are transforming our energetic systems and creating a new space for expanded perception. Metatron teaches that as we surrender to the Geometry of Life, we become conscious of the patterns that have held in place all that was needed to bring us to this point and through continuing to align with the Higher Path by affirming our strongest desires, we are shifting the structure of that geometry where all will fold and collapse, funnelling us into the new geometry of the Golden Age.

What happens from here is unknown. There is no set path, there is no road map. This is our entry into the intuitive world of Inner Knowing, of trusting the ability we all hold to sense our direction, our purpose, our next step.

I see this as our entry into the Worlds beyond Worlds. Into the life that created us. It is our passage Home and we each get to go there through the vessel we call our own human body. In that sense, the greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to honour that body and pull back, rest and listen. To be curious and forgiving of this ongoing process of liberation.

The word I was given was Absolution.

A dissolving of all earlier imprints of ourselves, a releasing of the entanglements of the past where all is wiped clean, all is eliminated. What is left is a clear and coherent space for the merging of our inner and outer aspects where a new human language can form.

When the Breath of Life is natural and free, Freedom becomes the language by which all things fall by. This Freedom is what creates the clarity for Perfection to reign and that Perfection is the Light of Divine Illumination.

The space of Absolution is the space of Illumination.

In the Light of All that Is, we can only Breathe and Allow and know that Coherence is the Key to the Absolute.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Coherence is the pathway through the 13th Key

Om Mani Padme Hum

Open the Aura of Grace and Pure Intention

Om Mani Padme Hum

Be One with Divine Perfection

Om Mani Padme Hum








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