converge at the highest point

The words coming through now create expansion. They want us to open our boundaries and rise up to meet our greatest desires. They are saying,

Aim for the highest possible outcome even though you may not be able to see the framework. For it’s there, establishing itself in the space we are rising up to. 

It will meet us at the highest point where all converges.

There is a sanctioning of Higher Living coming. By Higher Living, I sense this as rising up into the space beyond limits. Transcending old ways. Liberation from limitation. It feels like the physical untethering, an opening to a whole new playing field.

In this space, there are different rules for creation. It does not come through assessing obstacles. By surveying limitations and settling for what’s left. It comes through resonance, through the harmonics of desire and purpose.

Identify the essence of the creation and the resonance will materialize the elements in form.

What is significant about this passage are the many ways outcomes may unfold. For that is our core purpose for being here. To experience the joy of creation. There may be other aspects to add to the quality of that experience. They all add to the wisdom we develop through the experience of living but the core point of it all is Joy.

If there is no joy, there is no point.

So what is our greatest joy? Now is the time to focus on what can be altered, eliminated, enhanced, adjusted or amplified to bring the essence of joy through in greater abundance. For that is the other aspect being presented here. Abundant Living. And we all want more of that.

The words are, the way forward is on top of the mountain but it may not be the mountain
you thought it was. It may not be at all what you thought it was.convergence

That in itself creates expansion. We can do anything if we surpass our own expectations and rise to the summit of our greatest desires.

I also keep hearing the words, I will create history the moment I touch the ground.

What that means I am not entirely sure but it feels like an anchoring in of something new and unknown to me. It could be the legacy of why I came here, the wisdom in the ground awaiting my connection to release it, the unveiling of a chord of existence I haven’t yet found. It could be any of many things but I sense it is an activation point, the moment when the energy package I inhabit overlaps the vibrational point where everything converges and expansion occurs.

This is the power of the current passage. It is unveiling the New Harmonics. It is ordered, structured and geometric and it is overlaying the realm we occupy. Gathering speed as we shift into a new harmonic universe.

We don’t have to understand it to be in it. Simply recognizing it is enough to give it more space in our life and giving it more space in our life, gives us more power on the grid of creation.

I sense this new geometry lining up through the sacred portals and that if we have been doing our preparation work, we could very well hit the ground running when this point of overlay occurs. The activation will be a multi-layered, multi-chord harmonic that simultaneously creates a multi-levelled expansion where suddenly the circles of life line up and everything falls into place. That’s how BIG this passage feels. Life changing. History making. Freedom creating.

Whether in the framework of our own world or across all elements of life, change is looming. It is beyond us as much as it is within us. Harmonic and graceful as it is powerful and strong.

Metaphysical magnetics in action. And we are the ones here to witness it.





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