symbiosis in stillness

So much is shifting at lightning speed now it is nearly impossible to function as we always have. These last few weeks have been immensely different, like being in a vacuum unable to connect with where we were but not yet able to see with clarity what lies ahead. It is like being suspended in stillness, at the zero point, while deep transformations continue to unfold around us.

What is also emerging is the apparent overlays of reality. I am experiencing revelation after revelation where through the stillness, I can see into the truth of things. I can understand things I couldn’t see before and get a sense of how the veils were concealing different streams of our existence. These different realities were always there, always running in parallel, only our perception was closed off to it.

As these boundaries between the different realms fall away, more information opens up. We can access this information through the openness of our elevated minds and Pure Hearts. Conscious of the integration of our Mind, Body and Soul, we can see who we are at our source. We can see how our life choices were always reflecting that source and we can see that we were never truly far from that source. We were always intuitively connected, even when we didn’t know it.

What is also apparent is the far reaching effects of these intensive Light Waves which areradiantwave literally stripping the masks off everything. The illusion is being revealed, the old structures and systems are dissolving. It seem inevitable that these waves will create an explosion of energy through the second half of the year where the lid on the fabricated matrix of life will blow right open. A new level of Awakening will occur.

The word I am getting is Symbiosis. Where the relationship between Beings acts as the conductor. The energy flows from one to the next and as it spreads a different frequency is created. It is like we are entering the Realm of Truth and the implications of that truth will spread like wildfire, transforming everything and everyone in its path. It is compounding moment by moment.

From this place of stillness, it all feels phenomenally transformational for the restoration of Balance, Harmony, Equality and Fairness. A sudden elevation for all.

A shifting of the set point for what we perceive as real and what we believe to be possible.

Whatever transpires, there are major cosmic alignments coming in August to support dynamic change. As we make space for all to unfold in the Highest Good, we can also hold the space for our own presence to emerge with the wisdom and understanding of the new spectrum of life we are stepping into.


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