radiant waves

The Ascension Waves are rolling in back to back this year leaving very little time between to integrate and catch our breath. So much is stirring inside it can be difficult to function through logical thought as the energy overrides the human processes and ushers our systems into a higher plateau of Light.

These energetic waves are pushing us to go within, to observe the old programs falling away, receive the messages being delivered and cultivate a daily practice for interacting with the expansion, elevation and transformation. Mostly, it is creating deep space within the Heart and unveiling a true sense of sacredness as we transition into a new way of living.

Rising through all this is a magnetism emanating from the heart of deep space. While the body feels out of whack and unable to focus, the radiance streaming from the core of the universe is strong and resolute. This radiance carries a resilience that takes me back to January and the first message from the Venus Beings:

 The White Sun is the Pure Heart of the Universe. White Light Radiance helps restore human resilience as we are guided back to the abundant riches that reflect the true nature of life itself. This is what lies at our core and the true purpose of being in a Realm of Creation, of being in a space of malleable energy that can be shaped and worked into all forms of desire. As we transcend into a new way of living, this gift of creation is being returned. We will find it in the deepest truths of our Being. It is our pure truth. 

Reconnecting with this message brings Full Circle the cycle developing from lastwhitepinklight December Solstice through to this immense June Solstice, a phenomenal passage of transformation, of building our Stairway to Heaven through our connection to sacredness. Sacredness is the practice that nurtures the exploration and expansion of the Soul. Sacredness holds the strength of this new reality and is the essence that guides us back to the space where perfection reigns.

Our path to sacredness is guided by many Beings. This year I’ve tuned into messages from the Venus Beings, Ishtar, Thoth, Adama and the Lemurian Circle of 12. I have found myself on the Road to Shambhala and learnt these Beings are all related in their mission to restore Harmony and Balance for humanity. They all emanate Venusian energy and radiate the highest codes of enlightenment for the restoration of Peace through humanity’s awakening.

They are here, now, guiding and supporting all of us. They are with us daily as we embody these elevating energies, detach from all that is not in resonance with our Pure Hearts and open our awareness to the truth emerging through these radiant waves. They are waiting, as they have always done, for our return to our original Star Families.

This return is part of the deep space emanation. As it magnetises all things to the Pure Heart of the Universe, it shifts our awareness to the core of our Beings helping to move our focus from what is dissolving to what is anchoring in the New. It helps to empower ourselves with an embellished sense of wholeness and sovereignty, of trusting our inner knowing and understanding that we are connected to so many Beings on so many levels.

As this new level opens, the void between where we are and where we desire to be is diminishing. The radiant Pure Heart emanates her blessings and we see this is where Heaven meets Earth. This is where Shambhala meets Earth. Where we protect, share and receive the riches of Mother Earth.

We see this next chapter is where Soul meets Life.



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