altitude of light

I had a vision this morning of climbing out of sticky goo, pulling back multiple clouded veils and stepping out onto an opening, a pathway, a poignant place of altitude that was safe and secure. A plateau. It felt that if we have climbed the mountain, then this is the resting place.

My vision appeared on the back of the intensity of these epic Light Waves pouring in through this pre-Solstice gateway. These Waves are uncovering the Truth at the core of our existence in ways we may not understand but can feel and know and it is telling us us dramatic change is approaching. It is telling me of what lies ahead as an earth gypsy in touch with the veins of life that run deep underground. As a healer, a visionary, a channeller, a writer, a luminary. A bridge between the true and the illusionary with a foot in both worlds and a Heart of pure pristine Light.

They tell me we are not alone on this plateau. They know of each arrival. They are watching our every step. They have been waiting our return and it is in joyous revelation that they greet our emergence. For this is what Truth is. This is what it’s all about. This is what it’s all for. We have to do the physical work ourselves but through our inspired thoughts and actions, we are integrating their help each step of the way. They are guiding us out of the mess and into this space where our combined efforts and united intentions are helping each other.

This plateau of safety gives us both altitude and understanding. I feel it etherically high in the mountains somewhere. That while the physical form remains here in my home, the Soul has risen to a place unknown to us; secret, safe and secure. It is a place where many are escaping to.

lehladakhIt is from here in this place that the elevated waves of magic can find us. They integrate within us all we need to know, all we need to find the clarity and coherence that comes with deeper understanding. It is from here that we can see, through our elevated insights, the rhythms and pulses of the land, the roadmaps for whatever purpose we are desiring. We can see how the singular action of one can benefit all.

This, I am told, is the road to Shambhala. The Inner Earth Sanctum that exists on the surface but shielded to those who are not ready to see and this is what I received:

Behold the Great Ones who rise to the call of the Central Sun.

Behold the Great Ones who follow their feet to find their way Home.

Behold the Great Ones who dare to break free and connect with the callings of the Higher Heart.

The world is in crisis but it is not your doing, it is not your story. It is not on your path to be absorbed into the dismantling for you are engaged in the creation, the restoration, the overlaying of what will be a New World for all.

This role is the calling of many and it here is this Sacred Space of elevation that we can assist in your understanding for how the systems are overlapping, for it is in your Heart to be transported into the new timeline emerging through the Solstice Portal.

The Solstice Portal is approaching and we bring you here today to integrate into your Being the broader aspects of potential that lie in waiting for your activation. Yes, it is in your activation that they will have the energy required to bring them to life for this is a joint operation of co-creation that involves many Souls, many thousands of Souls, and your contribution is needed. Your contribution is requested. 

Dear Soul we have brought you to the Higher Plateau as it is a safe place for your education. It is a training ground for where we shall invite you to rest and rejuvenate as we take care of the lower world ties that have held you in this cycle.

This cycle is no longer warranted in your sphere and it is through your indignant pleas and efforts that we have assisted in your progression. We have been able to intervene and activate the path of passage, a path that you have been aware of and acknowledged in your own thoughts and understandings. You are conscious of this path and that it is why it is presenting to you here and now on the back of this Wave that has so enlightened and activated your world. It has achieved its purpose.

What we have for you now is an elevated insight into the upcoming activations that will enable the Shift to filter through from this place of altitude into the lower realms of which you still remain. For you are the bridge. You are a transmitter. You are anchoring in your own unique codes for the rehabilitation of that which is part of your role. For there is a Higher purpose to all actions and those actions are now responding to the Higher call.

Dear One you have reached a place on the outer spheres of the lower worlds that will ignite within you a deeper understanding of the purpose of your role and the actions required to generate the resources to enable it to unfold. This is a Higher calling and the beginning of what you would infer as the Great Shift of the Ages.

This is the beginning. This is where the Soul that inhabits your field begins to upscale the connections and communication. This is where you as a physical human being begin to access a vast array of knowledge, wisdom, techniques and memories that have been awaiting you.

This is where you begin to transmit a different tone.

Dear One we here in this Sacred Place of Altitude welcome the arrival of many Souls on this Wave. We hold in place all systems of support for the safe passage of all who hold in their awareness the purest intentions of our Source Creator.

Together we shall prepare our journeys, we shall prepare our tasks, we shall prepare our Hearts for the united embracing of all those of Pure Hearts. We shall unite and we shall embrace. We shall hold the space for all who’s intention it is to activate that of the Higher Heart.

In this wave of Purity and Grace, united we shall be from Heart to Heart.

Soul to Soul. Light to Light.

It is us, the United Hearts of Shambhala that greet you and bless you for your safe passage.

Channelled by The 12th Road, June 2017.



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