the untethering – part 3

On receiving the words, Unlocking the Tethers of Disempowerment, 5 weeks ago, I knew this series would be in 3 parts, although what those parts were, I did not know. I just sensed something would come forward at the right time to be integrated into each part. Now, with the overriding theme of transcending our limitations through natural alchemy, I see this series was an analogy for the energetic processes unfolding this year.

We hear the words letting go, clearing, cleansing and purging so often it makes you wonder what could possibly still be left to let go of but there is always more. So much so, it has taught me to change my perspective and see it not so much from the physical sense of eliminating but from the soul sense of integrating. This is a process of unifying all aspects of our soul to create a unified field of Wholeness and Oneness.

It has also taught me how to step back and observe the body through its pockets of resistance. Our natural rhythms are harmonic, they flow with ease, grace and abundance and so anywhere in life we are not experiencing this is likely due to a part of us resisting where we are or what we are creating. And it doesn’t have to be from this lifetime as residual energy can flow over from past life lives and hold the same power over our subconscious as anything we’ve experience this time round.

These dense pockets of energy block flow and create limiting default settings. They keep us tethered to positions of perceived safety and smallness that become looping patterns influencing our everyday decision and outcomes. But with the lower timelines falling away this year, anything anchored in the negative is getting a good work out, having the rug pulled out from under it and being called up for healing and integration. These messages are appearing right in front of us as accidents, illnesses and ailments, breakdowns or big life changes.

It’s all part of the huge process unfolding this year of unravelling the stories we have tolduntethering ourselves, unwrapping the limitations we have put on ourselves and untethering the false beliefs and patterns that have constrained us. It’s about reshaping the boundaries we have become used to and allowing ourselves to expand into the liberation of freedom.

The 5D heart based world is forming around us at a greater speed than ever and in this space lies the infinite of all possibilities. In this space we can form with our own magic, desires of all kind. The desires for purpose, the desires for cohesion, the desires for expansion.

In this space lies the Heart of All Things and streaming out from its centre is the Power of Truth. We are of both worlds. We are energetic anchors for the Highest Light and the rays of desire that pour from this space create the world in which we live.

This world is one of purity, peace and tranquility. It is reached through moments of stillness, through heart openings and transcendence of our physical perceptions. It rewards us with blissful experiences, you can sense, feel and see. When you reach this space you can believe in the fullness of your Heart, you know you are One with All things. You are the universe and the universe is you.

The laws dictate that you are what you vibrate and in this world, the cosmos is vibrating within you. You are the Essence of the Sacred and in the depth of your Being lies a door waiting for your Full Presence to become aware and willing to step through. This is our threshold. We are on the verge, the precipice, the edge of the universal magic of Oneness.

In full harmonic resonance of the physical space we occupy, this is the place where we experience integration and alignment. Cohesion. It is here that we are untethered.

With our new perceptions, we can open our Being to the new world that awaits. We can open our Being to new levels of creation. We can open our Being to the new existence streaming from our Hearts.

Allow yourself to float free and feel the transition carry you across worlds.

Say yes and breathe in the resonance of allowance.

Allowance leads to Alchemy. Alchemy leads to Alignment.

Alignment leads to our emergence as a new human infused with a new and magical vision and knowing that All is Well.

In the light of the grace that infuses us, All is Well.



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