entering the golden chamber

Welcome Dear One we are the Great Beings of the Divine Golden Consciousness. We are the delighted ones in welcoming you into our field of Higher Resonance. In this field we hold the highest vibrations of Love and Golden Light for the activation of higher wisdom and knowledge throughout the universe.

Open your Heart for you are now entering the Golden Lighted Crystal Chamber of Divine Regeneration. You are stepping into the golden beams of auric cleansing and balancing and through this process you will be processed for moving into the inner chambers of divine sanctity.

Open your Heart for you have moved through the realities that have confronted you and you have dissolved the many roadblocks that have obstructed you. You have remained true to your Heart’s inner knowing that you are on the sacred path, you hold the sacred light.

You are a Sacred Heart.

Let go of all efforts needed to sustain you through this journey. Let go of all struggle, all frustration, all discordant feelings of being separated from your true Heart’s centre. You are here and you are held and replenished through these rays of golden light. You are here on the Golden Path to Divine Love.

Come with us now as we move through the Golden Doors and into these hallways that goldendoorsmark the beginning of your journey. For this is not the end Dear One, but the beginning of what will become the most sacred part of your true Heart’s journey. Open up and allow this new level of divinity to carry you through for it is within our guardianship that we will usher you through these Sacred Halls of Knowing.

Step with us now into the Gilded Halls of Remembrance. It is in these soaring walls of Divine Grace that the gilded light of all life is recorded and held sacred. It is here that the scrolls of guidance for all beings are treasured for the contribution of creative experience, for all life is experience and all experience is life.

As we now Elevate our Beings through these clouds of gilded records we can access any part of any existence. It is your own record for your own existence that we are seeking and we will find it under the Illuminated Sun for it is here in this space that the expansion of your own soul’s life contributions has been held.

Sit with me Dear One and we will retrieve one of the many Book of Records.

The origin of your soul stems from the heart of the golden ray. A high soul of many talents, it was decided that this incarnation was when all talents were to be consolidated and amplified for the benefit of all. It was decided that you, carried with the connective energy of all ascending souls, would find your own path back to your true Golden Heart. It would be here that you would find all pieces of your life falling into place and that you would observe yourself transforming not only your own life but those around you.

It would be here in this higher space of Divine Golden Consciousness, that you could not access until you were of the Pure Mind and Heart, that you would seek your true Heart’s identity, that you would understand the true nature of your soul’s purpose and come into the knowing of the strength and wisdom that your soul holds.

Breathe deep Dear One for we are embarking on a journey of great magnitude. We are immersing your physical consciousness with that of your higher consciousness. We are integrating the higher levels of knowledge and wisdom into the impulses of your physical mind.

We are regenerating your physical system with the patterns of your true Golden Heart.

In this book of records we retrieved, we can show you the story that is pertinent to today. This is why you have arrived here today. This is why you have created this space for our presence.

In this record we recall your greatest attribute to be integrated into this physical life steam. This attribute is one of Courage, Strength, Resilience and Presence.

This energy is generated through the courage, strength, resilience and presence of the Lion Goddess. Integrate the essence of the Lion Goddess and the attributes of the Lioness will elevate your life into Union with the Sacred Way.

This is in union with the higher mind and your divine will. This is in union with the higher expression of the sacred path you have set out for yourself.

Open your Heart and integrate into your Being the truth of what this means to you for this is the first step of entering the Golden Chamber.

Breathe deep Dear One for we are with you each step of the way and will be awaiting your willingness to step further into the depths of the Sacred Way.

Channelled by The 12th Road, February 2017


2 thoughts on “entering the golden chamber

  1. Thanks so much for this post because it absolutely validates the experience I’ve been having. About a week ago or so, I began to receive training on how to use golden light from my information. Using light like this is totally new for me. It’s quite amazing after 8 years of a very difficult process to finally, truly understand what the term “light worker” means. What a relief to finally know that this process (and all of the ensuing pain, stress, loneliness, fear, etc.) has not been in vain. 🙂

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