golden ray of life

Under a Golden Pentagram in the Cosmic sky (an ancient symbol of Venus) generated by the Lunar Eclipse at 22° Leo on the 11th day of the 2nd month, there is a clear message of mastering our new beginnings with the support of what has come through in these opening weeks of this new One year.

Deep within there is a River of Light. A river of Pure Source divinity that emanates the truth of what is. This river is flowing constantly. Constantly swirling and moving and regenerating and flushing out what is no longer sacred to this journey. This river has reached the mouth of the ocean, the opening into which it will reunite with the infinite knowing that resides within the All That Is.

In this Ocean of Light lies an Ocean of Truth and in the Ocean of Truth lies an Ocean of Peace. Here in this place rests the principles of life and the sacred ways of the ancients. Here in this place lies the secrets to the essence that created you, the essence that makes you the true human being that you are.

What is unfolding in these changing times is the flooding of this Ocean into the Light of your own Being. It is washing out and renewing. It is the sacred way for reinstating within you, at the forefront of your world, the truth of who you are and what makes you. It is the truth of why you are created in the way that you are and what you came here to do in the place that you are. It is the unveiling of the purpose, the mission, you came here to achieve and it is the re-patterning of templates to enable that mission to succeed.

In reformatting the sequences of energy inside you, we are helping to alleviate the buddha-goldUnknowing and actualise the Knowing. We are helping you see within your own conscious mind what has been set out for you, illuminating within you the Golden Rays of conscious belief that reflect and portray the truth of your illumined inner being. We are setting up within you the templates of truth, the patterns of prosperity and the recognition of light encoded frequencies that enhance your physical presence with the abilities of the master within.

Once this phase of light encoded work is complete you will be activated to a higher level of conscious living. This upshift will penetrate the deepest aspects of your Sacred Self and open up the wonders of the sacred work you have been yearning for.

In opening up to this work you are committing to the Divine tasks ahead and will be encouraged to embrace and embody all that is directed to you. You will be encouraged to instill within your daily knowing that there is a sacred level to life that is to be acknowledged and respected, that there is a deeper reason to all events and circumstances and that these sacred elements form the basis of what is the real Truth of Life.

In this phase of the transformation we wish to share with you the secrets of your inner truth. In doing so we are illuminating within you right here and now the truth that is flowing though your Ocean of Life.

This truth is your Sacred Heart connection. It is the river of Light, the river of Hope, the river of Strength. It is the river of Power for the true Golden Rays are those that empower and strengthen. The true Golden Rays are those that anchor into form resilience and solidity.

The Golden Ray of Life is one that cuts through to the Heart of things establishing direct connection with the structure of support and stability. This is what we are offering to you. This is what is available to you. This is what is flowing to you.

The Golden Ray of Life is flowing within your field and is instilling within you the sequences of Light to elevate the physical into the spiritual, to bring into the normality of your world the magic and mystery of what is the sacredness of life.

The Golden Ray emanates from the Sacred Heart of the womb of the mother. The Great Goddess of all life and will complete this Wave of Elevated Magic, this sequence of illuminated energy that has emerged and infiltrated the framework of your physical system through the crossing over and emergence of energies of this new One year.

In this space of completion and integration we say to Be All You Can Be. As a soul incarnated here in this body and as a body carrying the templates of this incarnated soul, unite in the fullness of Heart and together as one, we too shall unite.

Planetary Beings of Venus through The 12th Road, February 2017



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