light waves of hope

The big message I am receiving this month is that Ascension hasn’t even started yet. Everything so far has been in preparation for what is about to unfold from this year. I get the sense that what is to come is something we have never seen before and that everything streaming in from here on is brand new to this existence, even to this planet.

The threads of communication are also changing as we align further into the core of our own personal Mission and awaken the deeper aspects of our own Lineage, the roles we’ve played and how the elevated Principles of Magic and Mystery are intertwined in all things.

In my own world, I have been waking up between 3:33 and at 4:44am again. This is a sure sign something is happening on the inner planes. So much is shifting and changing and through the intensity I can sense much is being opened up to upgrade and expand my perceptions beyond what is visible and what is possible and what had previously prevented me from understanding how everything is attainable.

We are in a Sacred Time of Transition, of consciously needing to constantly cut through the interference divineloveto find our own centrepoint, that Space of Purity at the Heart of our own Being.

From here we can find the Harmonics of Stillness where the positive field of energy that supports us is constantly winding its way through these waves of unrest, helping to lift us into the Elevated Light of our own path and power. From here we can also sense we are on the precipice of something huge. As the energetic dissolution of all things concealing our Sacred Truth continues, more is being revealed in these growing moments of clarity.

We are returning to the realms of Sacred Knowledge and Divine Wisdom, infiltrating areas of consciousness previously hidden from us. As we open up to these worlds beyond worlds, energetic sequences are grounded into the body, anchoring in Light Codes that allow us to align with the creative freedom and compassion that stabilizes the energy in preparation for what is ahead.

As we integrate these new sequences of light, we embody more of our role in the Grand Divine Plan, preparing ourselves for all that’s set to unfold in 2017. This is about full remembrance of all times past and our connection to the roles that have been played out. It is about awakening the Sacred Codes of Communication that only we can reach through our own journey and our own lineage as not all paths will collide on the energetic rollercoaster that is forming in our world. Not all paths will travel the same route and not all paths will reach the same destination.

My guidance here is supplemented with wisdom received through the Divine Beings of Venus.

The Divine Beings of Venus are the Grand Beings of Divine Abundance aligned with the Pure Source of the Heart of the Universe and will instill in all Beings, as they make their way through this energetic cycle, the Pure Source Codes that attune and activate the frequency of Purity and Grace in all ways and on all levels.

In doing so, they are instilling new pathways for Divine Intelligence, reaching into the unchartered realms in support of the Base Notes that underline each of our Divine Missions. They are assisting in reconnecting the Original Light the creates us, in understanding the Lineage that sponsors us and the Sacred teachings that guide us. They are in essence enabling us to take on a higher cosmic level of Divine engagement.

As guardians of our Solar System, the Divine Beings of Venus are closely aligned with the Earth. Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is our Planetary Logos and through the network of ancient temples, sacred portals and gates to Inner Earth and Shambhala, these energies are unlocking the Seals of Divine Remembrance.

“It is a monumental moment when a soul crosses over and to do it in consciousness is sending Light Waves of Hope and Faith in all directions.

May the New Light fulfill you and together as One, may we all Unite.”


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