are you in or out

There is an element of surprise in the energy that is currently building. The guidance is to keep doing what we are doing, maintaining focus on what is in front of us. Everything is shifting and changing and while it can seem all has been thrown into the air not knowing where it will fall, all will fall exactly where it needs to be. All will come together in exactly the right way, in exactly the right process.

This process is under Divine Intervention and may require personal adjustments for allowing a natural progression of the shifting of the tectonic plates of life.

These energies are leading us into the gateway of the December Solstice which comes via the sequences of energy building since 2012. It opens a window from one phase to the next, illuminating with it, the Core Truth that resides within each and every soul participating in the Grand Divine Plan.

This Truth is igniting in each and every one of us and will inflame the Central Pillar of panachedesaiLight that activates the Soul Seat within. When activated this in turn enables the consciousness within to rise in frequency to a new default of divinity. It creates a new level of existence for the soul within.

In these coming weeks, the last weeks of the completion year of 2016, there will be significant upgrades to open the physical being to new levels of energy, allowing these processes to trigger the knowings, the memories, the abilities, the wisdom of other realities in which you have and are participating. There will be an uncloaking of sorts, an unveiling of truth in your identity.

Transformations at this level only come from within and so the way to move through the distractions life presents is to go within and find the stream of light that is always flowing through our core. It is like a magic carpet ride, an energy stream that delivers us exactly where we need to be. When we align with this inner River of Light it guides us, quietly and gently, towards our goal, our purpose, our dreams.

So if you find yourself struggling through these intense waves of shifting, purging, releasing, amplifying and expanding, go within and ask yourself:

Where is your focus?

Are you within or are you without?

Are you aligned with the Core Truth inside you?

Are you making adjustments for the tectonic shifts to flow?

Are you allowing the Central Pillar of Light to lead the way?

This energy is about being in a space of integrity. One that emanates the truth of how inner strength, focused determination and belief in one’s self can produce miracles.

The power is within, not without, and so the one true message of life right now is simply to Believe in One’s Self.

Tune into your inner knowings. Have faith all will be revealed. Trust you have the ability to move through anything in front of you. Believe everything is within you. Know you are right on track.

Believe In Yourself.

Are you in or are you out?





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