meeting our inner being

Somewhere between a slow motion life reset and rampant rapid change of everything we know, comes in the energies of November. Beginning with the recent intense Scorpio New Moon and peaking with the 11/11 Portal and Taurus Full Moon in the middle of the month, the accelerated pace of release and alignment continues to gather speed as we head towards the December Solstice.

What these energies are doing is bringing to the surface all that is not in alignment with our Soul Truth, both individually and collectively, so we may see for ourselves where we, and our societies are in illusion, so we can unhinge ourselves from these false realities and live in greater truth and authenticity.

Embodying Soul Truth is essential for this part of our Ascension process as now is the time knowthyselfwhen the body is waking up to its higher purpose. We are being called to shake off all that has kept us in the looping cycle of illusion and do what it takes to remember our original destiny, the original purpose for being on the planet in the first place.

Anyone who has read Judy Satori’s wonderful book, ‘Sunshine Before The Dawn’, will understand what this means. We are talking about the big picture here, the galactic alliance for returning Earth to her 5th dimensional existence. This is a process that has been underway for 10,000 years (or more). It is not something that began in 2012. That was a trigger point and along with the expansive portals of 2016, they are activating the Light energy that manifests the physical conditions to create the change.

Our Soul Truth plays a role in this transition as we each have our own unique gifts and talents to bring to the alliance. These stories are what lies in the depths of our Hearts. They tell of our true origins, our true purpose, our true destiny. They are what we have been cycling around the karmic loop for. In doing all we can to awaken this information now we are setting in motion new sequences of energy to elevate this purpose to the forefront of our lives helping to unlock the power within our Inner Being that holds the key.

Our Inner Being knows the way. Unravelling the mystery that surrounds our existence is part of the path we have to travel. In connecting with my own Inner Being in a Chamber of Brilliant Diamond Light, a jolt went through me as she held up her palm and I received this message:

You have the power, she said.

You have the power to transcend anything in front of you.

You have the power to create anything you desire.

You have the power to move between worlds and nourish yourself with what fills your heart and spirit with the greatest joy.

You have the power to instill within yourself your ability to be anything you desire.

You have the power to unite, to transcend, to expand, to emanate all that we hold together.

As you receive this Blessing of Light you are awakened to your soul power, you are awakened to your soul destiny and you are awakened to your soul family, your family of light that surrounds you here today, in completeness and fulfilment.

Welcome home Dear One. We instill within you the highest codes for awakening your true heart to your true spirit, to unite in fullness the truth of your purpose, your mission and your entitlements.

We instill within you the Light of Connection for opening the pathway home and to infuse within you the Light of your own Inner Being.

This is your Home. This is your Truth. This is your Story.

Allow it unfold around you in grace and purity and you will feel this sequence of Light filter through to the opening of the highest levels. These are your entitlements. These are your blessings.

In all the love of the Universal Light we shower you with these sequences and allow them to unveil within you your own Sacred Story of Truth.

Blessings from the Heart to the Light in yours, 

For you are here.

You are Home.



8 thoughts on “meeting our inner being

  1. Thank you for this sharing. Yes indeed, Judy Satoris book Sunshine Before the Dawn was amazing. I could feel these codes and doorways were many within the journey. Namaste’

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