returning to the original light

After the resetting energies of September, we now move into the Portal of New Beginnings activated by the gateway of 10/10 -11/11. A month of stabilizing into the cosmic power of the 1, 11 and 22 brings a focus on building beginnings. Of stepping into our mastery as directors of our own realities, recognising our soul wisdom and acting on the inspiration it ignites.

After an intense month of 999 energies, the infinite is opening up and everything is changing again. I feel my own journey leading me deeper into the Path of Wisdom, a path I would never have found through my human self.

It is a path I have not known in this lifetime and yet it opens so easily through the light of violetlightthe soul. It is a path of allowing and trusting the unknown, of transcending our perceived fabrications of what life was and merging with a deeper understanding of what life here really means.

In the calmness that permeates this portal, there is space for the natural unfolding of what now has a passage to us. The past phase, a 10 year cycle in my case, has served its purpose as preparation for what is occurring now. The circular energies have dissolved and there is a new platform, a new foundation forming to support our progression.

I’ve had many initiations this year, each one anchoring me deeper into understanding the enormity of what is slowly being revealed. Piece by piece, the picture is reconnecting me with the original soul light. The god light that resides in the highest aspect of my lineage. It is a process of not only awakening from the illusion but opening to something so beyond expansive it sends the physical senses into overload.

So each morning I greet the day with wonder. I breathe in the light of possibility and ask for more to be revealed. I feel the old fall away like heavy overcoats sliding to the floor and allow the Heart to expand into whatever arises. The soul and our Team of Light lead this process as it cannot be generated by our human self. The mental mind absorbs at its own pace but the Heart knows how much to reveal and when. It is setting up the physical circumstances to build on these energetic portals to enable the physical form to embody the energy in just the right sequence.

This new energy entrains our whole existence into alignment with the soul’s purpose and mission.

This can be misunderstood or anticipated as something fabricated within the physical experience of life. In truth, it is revealed through the Heart and for me it is about illuminating hearts and in this time of ignition, it is being activated as the foundation for this next phase.

My original guide, Asarah, who led me into the greater world of Ascended Masters, Light Councils and the realm of the Seraphim, has initiated within me the ability to channel, to discern, feel and hear words of wisdom in effortless streams of energy. She says all is unfolding in divine perfection as the rainbow light of my divine mission emerges in the full spectrum of what is now available.

As she steps aside with the highest blessings, new wisdom is now emanating from the Heart of the Mother, the blessed Mother Mary, Great Mother Isis and the diamond light of my own soul heritage, Saraphine. Under the guidance of Master Thoth, there is a whole new spectrum of experience being unveiled and as I step through this Portal of New Beginnings, I also step through the gateway of reconnection to allow full remembrance of my Original Light as a Master Being.

For that is our Truth. That is our Purpose. That is our Mission.

We are all master beings and it is through our own initiations that we have the opportunity to ignite that element as part of our expression in the here and now.








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