lessons in light with master thoth

Breathe deep, dear one for the Council of Celestial Light is here to awaken within you the crystalline essences of which you are connected to. We wish to instill within you the awakened codes of remembrance to inspire and ignite within your own intuitive knowings the specifics of your soul heritage and divine mission.

On this day we bring you these words to illuminate within you the essences of truth to help you understand the nature of your true purpose. Open up and receive for all is now flowing to you in these divine light waves.

I Thoth, now move into your field and guide you toward these new sensations of unified light. Master Thoth, the illuminated guide in which you have embraced and embodied all divine truth, steps forth to advise you.

In this world of destruction and change there appears a light of honour. ancientscrollsIn this light there entails a coded destiny to walk the Earth in truth and enlightenment.

In this path there are lessons in light, lessons in wisdom, lessons in integrity. This path is one that will indeed lead to your own heart for there is only one heart, one mind. This is the space of truth for there is only one truth.

In this path there is divine distinction between the sacred truth of one and the sacred truth of all but there is also the knowing that infused in this truth is the Divine Truth of One. The Divine Truth of One is the aspect of light that you will endeavour to bring to life in this work of remembrance.

In this work that is to be activated you are being awakened to the purpose of all life and the gift of life that you indeed bring here within your own portal of light.

In this space of divine guidance you will indeed find within yourself the desire to merge and blend with the crystalline energies that create you.

In this space you will begin to experience the transfer of all encoded energies into the physical space that you create and hold for yourself and others. These crystalline pockets of cellular life are what is waiting for you, what has been placed in the etheric realms for your retrieval.

In accessing the path of access endowed to you, you are creating for yourself the transitional energy required to activate the retrieval of these pockets of energy that hold the divine truth of your life and greater existence. Merge and allow the downloaded light to enter your field at all levels in all ways and in full capacity to ignite within you the elevated patterns of communion and connection.

In the light of divine wholeness we now ignite within you the capacity to see through all things.

To see divine patterns and sequence of energy that instill within the physical form the distorted ways of duality and limitation. To recognize in true divine wisdom the capacity to dissolve and disable those patterns and to see with complete understanding and clarity the purpose and reasoning behind those ways.

In complete divine truth and wisdom we now bestow upon you the ability to create and manifest in divine wholeness the complete pathway of divine worth and mission, to see within yourself in true clarity and brilliance, the physical sequences of connection between thought and reality, between visual and physical and the energetic impulses that link all in divine truth.

In the light of your celestial heart we say to step into the truth of your personal power and ignite within your own heart the magnetism of harmonic alignment that rests within you.

In the power of one and the power of all, we say to be true to your heart and to follow what overflows your own heart with what you now know to be your true radiant and divine joy.

In the spirit of the heart and the truth of oneness,

We say to Be Love, Be One, Be Infinite.

Channelled by The 12th Road September 2016


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