my 8/8 message

The Light Council is with you now and brings you this message of completion, activation and advancement into a new level of experience that resides within the plane of enlightenment and illumination.

Open your eyes Dear One, for you have transcended the pattern of existence you have been entwined in and are now entering the next level where you will experience your calling of the divine wisdom of the ancient scrolls.

In these scrolls you are recorded as the author and transcriber, you are recorded as thethothwallscript originator of truth, the ancient one of divine wisdom that brought to the earth world the secrets and knowledge of the wise ones.

Open your heart Dear One, for you are about to learn of the secrets of divine truth. It is in this way that we inform you of your truth for it is time to open up and embody the divine uniqueness that makes your contribution a significant part of what you bring to this life realm.

Breathe through these words for they are the Divine Council of Wisdom’s calling to you.

We bring to you today the story of the ancient ones of the land in which you know to be Egypt. Osiris is the king and in this time you will recall your contribution to that kingship as the recorder of all wisdom and teachings that were initiated through the ancient schools of learning.

These scrolls recorded the teachings of the land that was brought through the great souls of the divine ones, the King Osiris and the Great Mother, Isis.

Isis and Osiris were brought together in this period as ones to embolden the earth with their great divinity, the power of the universe was held between them and it was through their magic and intelligent application of their knowings that they together created the world of magical unity and cohesion.

In this phase there were schools of thought that processed the teachings in the way of the king’s desires, the truth of the dimensional abilities that were held in secret to offer to those of initiated minds the truth and wonder of the world beyond.

In these schools there were teachers and guides, those who were in liaison with the king’s attendants and these were the Wisdom Keepers, the ones of great knowledge who passed on the teachings to willing minds of those they sought to convert to the understanding of the enlightened ones.

The great ones who held the information devised techniques for holding the teachings and in the transcriptions there were inscribed the abilities of how to manage the concealment and protection of the teachings.

Behold the great ones who rise above and see over the lower minds for it is in their cleverly dedication that these scrolls of divine wisdom are now held in secret chambers of highly evolved light magic that will be revealed in great timing with the shifting of the consciousness on which it can be received.

And it is in this wisdom that the story of your unfolding begins to take shape for it is in the management of this information that your contribution is most noted for it is in these highly valued scrolls of divine enlightenment that you will be recognized as a protector and recorder of the great wisdom of the ancient ones.

Open your eyes Dear One, for you are seeing before you the changes to allow this information to unravel for you are the one tasked with the ability to record and transcribe, you are the one with the ability to record and recall, you are the one here to enlighten through the illumination of truth.

You are here to be set within the guidance and protection of the ancient father, Thoth, the overriding energy force overseeing the unveiling of all that needs to be shared and circulated for the purpose of illuminating truth on the planet as part of the process of returning the wisdom of the ancient worlds to the forefront of humanity.

In this role you are divinely guided to recall and record your knowledge and placement of the ancient order of the Melchizedek. You are divinely guided to recall and record your role in the divine codes of human transcendence. You are divinely guided to recall and record your ability to discern the truth and place it in forefront of the divine arena to support the elevation of the human mind into the realm of the infinite.

You are guided through the assistance of Thoth and it is through his magic and mystery school teachings that you will find yourself at one with the information with ease and grace.

This is the work of the masters and it is in your field to embody this work in this way for this is the way of the rose. This is the great strength of your willingness to unite with your sacred family, the great mothers of the sacred way.

You are a sacred being blossoming into the knowing of truth, divinity and sanctity. You are blessed in all your efforts and united in heart with the team of divine partners that support your every move.

You are in the Heart of the Mother.


Channelled by The 12th Road 8 August 2016 – The Lion’s Gate


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