living with grace

I didn’t come here to fight. I didn’t come here to protest. I didn’t come here to challenge. It is not in my life description to push, pursue, hurt, cheat or steal. While others may take on these roles and do them well, it is not me. I am not a warrior.

While I watch the chaos unfolding in all corners of the globe, it makes me wonder why I am placed here in this world where people openly engage in atrocities and think they are doing good. It makes me wonder why people feel that destroying the lives of others is helping achieve their goals. I wonder how can people actually believe deliberate violence, exclusion and dominance and even swindling and deceiving is the answer to creating a world they are happy to live in. Is that even their goal or is it simply creating perpetual chaos?

The human psyche is a complex form that has been tainted over centuries with energetic PeaceDovemanipulation, mind influencing implants and genetic mutations. Power, greed, corruption and intolerance have held their place since ancient times and god knows what went on in places like Atlantis where genetic engineering descended into disturbing experimentations that eventually caused the destruction of the entire civilization.

Celia Fenn writes through Archangel Michael that the current phase of our Ascension process is targeting the dominance and control of our left brained-masculine way of life. As the right brain-feminine elements of intuition and magic rise up to create the new earth way of life, the left brain is acting up big time.

Life in the transition can challenging and we are reaching our quota of enough is enough. It can be disheartening to see the same dramas occurring over and over but it is when we feel this strain that we most need to reconnect with our Higher Hearts. Our Higher knowing tells us all is being monitored under the Grand Divine Plan, these events are evidence the world is changing. Witnessing the darkest aspects of the human psyche being exposed to the Light is helping shift perceptions of the general population towards the understanding that violence, attack, war and other forms of aggression are simply barbaric.

What is unfolding now is a total recalibration and rebalancing of the energetic grids that support life on this planet. As the old ways disintegrate and collapse into mayhem, new energies are streaming in, bringing through the essences of the Divine Feminine and opening up channels of compassion, kindness and peace. As more people sway towards these attributes of life, Grace will infuse each one of us.

I have been receiving lessons on Grace.

Grace is at the heart of Divine Feminine energy and embellishes us with the strength to stand strong in peace and harmony. Grace is a divinely given talent. It is the essence of respecting, trusting and allowing. Grace is the key to all as when we make the connection with Grace, we make the connection to our Original Source and when we make the connection to our Original Source we return to the Purity that created us.

While I am not warrior and cannot fathom the underlying beliefs that direct the dark actions of so many, I am believer. I am a believer in Enlightenment. I am a believer in Sanctity. I am a believer in Grace. It is only through Grace that Purity can find its place in any world and I am learning the reason why someone like me is placed here is to teach and inspire others to see life through the living light of Grace.

When we choose Grace, we choose a destiny path aligned with the purity of our original purpose, our original blueprint. Our Original Source. This path is not soft and weak but one of strength. It will bring through a flowing of ideas that teach us how all parts fit together, how in the true essence of the All That Is, we are all connected. We are all part of the same whole.

Grace is a Wisdom Keeper, an Illuminator.

In the presence of Grace we can see the lightness of being and the truth behind the shadows. In Grace we find the key that brings us closer to the peace and harmony we all so deeply desire. 








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