dynamic change

There is a dynamic push coming through the Solstice energy activating deep change to align our path with our dreams.

This is not the dream we think we can have or the one that might be more realistic. Not the thinned out, diluted one and definitely not the one that seems more practical. It is the wild and raw vision we have kept deep inside ourselves, the grand dream we might have even given up on.

dynamiclightMaybe it’s the revving up of Mars, the action planet, ready to turn direct again on 29 June after a 2 month retrograde. A 2 month period of tinkering and adjusting, getting the energy right, getting the thinking right, getting the focus right.

Maybe it’s the integration and evolution of all the incoming light waves that have been streaming through in recent weeks and months. A merging of all our bodily systems to elevate and reposition us for the next level of experience.

Maybe it’s the allowance of ease, grace and joy in our lives. The feeling of sacred connection of an open Heart that is finally finding its place after so much mayhem of purging and releasing.

The boundless energy of creation is now funnelling through the cosmic channels and with our guides by our sides, our Higher Self at the helm and support team assisting from the background, new experiences are being set up to reconnect us with our deepest desires that have been drifting along in the back of our Hearts.

It is those desires, those long held dreams, that hold our purpose and sacred mission. Our divine pathway is laid out through the feelings we generate when we connect with them, when we open up and feel what it would like to be part of them. To live them.

This expansive phase of energy is uplifting us into new beginnings. If we follow the cues and step into it with an open and gentle Heart, we generate the feeling of having the wind in our sails. All we need do is remember what drives us. What activates those grand feelings of ecstatic gratitude.

This is dynamic energy and ready to infuse us with whatever is required to activate dynamic change.



5 thoughts on “dynamic change

    1. Hi, yes I agree mission and purpose are continually evolving and sometimes it feels as if the deeper we dive into divine union, the simpler the mission becomes … it’s about heart connection and sharing what arises from that 🙂

      1. “the deeper we dive into divine union, the simpler the mission becomes” I didn’t think about it that way, but I like that. Sometimes we can overcomplicate our sense of mission.

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