uniting path and passion

With the Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurring within 24 hours, there is a rising intensity building up and triggering the desire to unite path and passion.

This year has been extraordinarily potent in pushing us deeper into our personal awakening, revealing exactly where we need to be and what’s in the way of getting there.

It has been a measure of extremes, ranging from the highest waves of infinite ecstasy to the heaviest obstacles of not knowing where we are or what to do next. Finding the middle road hasn’t always been easy and sometimes the only thing is to surrender to our centre point through conscious breath.

fractalorangeEclipses always occur in pairs, 2 weeks apart, every 6 months and so looking to the previous cycle takes us back to the incoming energies of Wave X of last September. That was phenomenal in my own personal experience and orchestrated a rapid expansion of awakening that has essentially led to a fusion of soul and body that is beyond anything I have ever known.

With that sequence of energy now in place, this next round of Eclipses is likely to build on that foundation, bringing through new information to open up the essence of that fusion so Heart and Mind can co-exist with more cohesion. It feels like it is about cellular reconstruction, rearranging and adjustments within the physical body to enable new patterns to emerge that allow for even greater expansion into our soul path, passion and purpose.

With the 2 week window between the Solar Eclipse and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse creating a vortex of light magic, we are offered an opportunity to embrace what we know to be our truth, to let all else fall away and to plant the seeds of alignment, embodiment and unification along our spiraling road ahead.

It is a time of heightened awareness that can open our fields to a quantum leap into the expanded resonance of what lies ahead. With our participation and activation of our free will, we can be opened to the fluidity of the energy and carried through the light waves into deeper understanding, stronger connection and greater wisdom of how our path, passion and purpose are, and always have been, very much intertwined.



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