coming full circle

arcdetriompheWelcome to the New Year. Alana Fairchild writes that 2016 brings an end to a cycle that began in 2008 and 7 days in, I’ve just experienced a profound series of revelations that have taken me back to 2007. Everything just fell into place. Everything. The full circle moment returning me to the beginning. The real beginning of The 12th Road.

Part of a Reading I received in November 2007
          As I tune in to your reading, they are showing me first to your yellow solar plexus chakra. This is our centre of power, our core, our essence. Now as I tune in here they are showing me an analogy of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Have you been there? It is a massive roundabout with 12 exit points. They are showing you heading outward from your solar plexus, taking a particular exit route, getting to the end and going ‘hmm’ that didn’t lead anywhere. Then you go back to the centre, and take another exit route, and again ‘hmph, this doesn’t feel right!’ So off you go, in and out, back and forward, trying to get the exit route that will lead you out of this maze, into a space where you can feel happy and fulfilled.
          If you are feeling a bit disheartened, confused or disillusioned right now this is why! You have taken about 9 or 10 of the exit routes and are getting really tired. Now, your guides want to say this to you: you are not doing anything wrong! They are saying ‘don’t you know, most people just take 1 exit route and regardless of whether or not it makes them happy and fulfilled they just stick to it, because they can’t be bothered going all the way back and ‘starting again’. No, most people don’t take that risk and choose to stay as they are.
          You on the other hand have a restlessness in you, which at times you have felt is to your detriment but it has also been your greatest blessing. This restlessness has ensured that you did not stay at the end of exit route 1 when it led nowhere, you did not stay at the end of exit route 2 when it didn’t feel right, and so on. Yes you are tired, yes you have tried many exit routes, but all in the pursuit of one thing: knowing without a doubt that there must be an exit route that leads you to the particular happiness and fulfillment you are seeking – I say particular because you have had much happiness and fulfillment already, it’s just there is this ‘something more’ you are looking for. You have this knowing because it is there, it is there.
          They also want to assure you: “don’t think that just because you have taken 9 or 10 exit routes before you eventually go down the right one that something is wrong with your inner guidance system. No. Again, unlike many people, you are here to experience many, many avenues. Not everyone needs to go down 12 different roads. Your soul however, for higher purposes of growth and learning, wanted to. Far from this being a mistake, or a result of you having an error in judgement, all was pre-planned and pre-destined.”
          They are saying that the time is now drawing near where you are reaching the end of that phase, and that is why the ‘I’m over it” feeling may be weighing heavily on you. You intuitively know that the end/beginning is in sight and you’ve had enough of going down all these roads! By ‘beginning’ they mean you finally hit the 12th road, the 12th exit point, which leads ‘out of the maze’, out of the arc de triomphe roundabout part of your story, and you head out into a whole new part of your life.
          Do not doubt for a second your instincts or inner guidance – on the surface it may look as if you have been going round in circles or not heading toward your right direction, but on a higher level you were going down all those roads because that was part of your divine plan. So your instincts are more perfect than you know.
          I also feel a re-connection to your true self will have a significant turning point with regards to your fulfilment. When I tune in to your future, it feels connected to you taking a leap, that you need to spread your wings. There is a sense that you have a doorway open in front of you where your whole life changes. They also keep saying ‘a return to the beginning’. I feel that you won’t necessarily know what that means until it happens, but there is a sense of having a full circle moment and all of a sudden all the jigsaw pieces of the last 10 or 20 years fall into place.


This was a personal reading provided by Dana Mrkich. Although she no longer does Soul Sessions, her work can be found at

Alana Fairchild can be found at


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