tides of change

sunrayToday there is a real sense the tide has changed. With last weekend’s Solstice and multiple solar flares, Mars moving into Cancer and Mercury soon out of its shadow phase, the energy has shifted upwards and outwards, expanding into a new level of personal healing and wellbeing.

At the start of 2015, my take on the year ahead was one of consolidation. How that would come about I had no idea and yet from my perspective, that is exactly what this past 6 months has been about.

It’s been intense and challenging and ever so tiring but only when we finally reach a place where we are able to look back at all that’s taken place, is the full vista of what’s happened available to us.

We have achieved so much this year. I’ve called it the Great Purge and for me it began back in late March. It’s been relentless, exhausting and at times overly tedious, covering what seemed like old ground over and over. It’s been a common theme for many but now the point of it all is revealed in such elegance it makes us wonder why we couldn’t see it before.

The consolidation wasn’t about accumulating anything externally.

It was about embracing what we have internally and recognizing what has always been there to support and guide us on our journey. It was about offloading the cloak of limitation and merging with our own infinite power source, integrating more of who we are at the core of our own being.

Solstice’s are by nature turning points. They represent the turning of the tides, the swinging of the pendulum of life into a new direction.

And with action planet Mars moving into the healing sign of Cancer, nurturing and nourishing ourselves in a way that supports our inner wellbeing could appear at the forefront of our lives over the coming weeks.

I’ve seen the word ‘ignition’ 3 times in the past 48 hours. In that same timeframe, my partner also left me 3 passionfruits. It makes me smile to think after months of travelling the same old ground we finally have the fuel we need to make solid steps into the new. That fuel is of course the embodiment of our own Light and confidence and belief in our own gifts and abilities.

With new expansive foundations, we can now safely acknowledge our true heart’s desires.

These inner most feelings are our calling, our path to freedom and spiritual purpose. They are fueling our passage forward now, igniting our mind and body and fortifying the way ahead with the true passion of the Soul.


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