explanations part 2

earthmovesSomething huge has been happening this month and while it’s been hard to discern through the discordant and contradictory energies, particularly when all we want to do is sleep, finally, there is a breakthrough to allow the knowledge to come forth. Thank you to this amazing Light, Lisa Transcendence Brown, who’s words I will post here simply because it feels right to share her explanations in these 2 parts, as she has written for all to understand.

28 May 2015

So if I say “WE’ve left NEW Earth”… how many are ready for that? Well, we have. Just like with physical ascension, just like NEW Earth, now we’ve opened/accessed/stepped through into an alternate reality where the Multi-Verse is wide open… and we’ve “arrived” on “Earth 3”. StarGates have activated everywhere and linked up/connected for this New Gridwork to anchor in.

When I first spoke of physically experiencing/being on NEW Earth a couple of years ago, that was a “new” reality then too. Yes, this will be as well, yet I share as I experience/activate/bring forth here….

So, walk with me here as we jump into a huge “anti-matter hole” and delve into Quantum Physics through the Universal Mind and connected as the Unified Field.

There is no way to share everything that has transpired. This will be as much as I can fit into this post.

Remember, everything first is a state of consciousness followed by a physical reality to match. It is an expansion of consciousness into a NEW gridwork that is “higher” in frequency than the previous ones. This is the “next phase” of consciousness that we have achieved here. Our realities are vibrational materializations…

First, I had no idea there was an Earth 3. Yet, apparently the “activities” of the last few weeks have all been a part of this. We put the pieces together as it all becomes visible as one picture here. This one is VAST (understatement).

We’ve been activating to NEW COSMIC FREQUENCIES beyond anything ever before. The feeling and the experiences have been quite profoundly subtle as we’ve gone back and forth. Embodiment for those embracing, sleeping and upgrading as a priority first. Intentional focus on integration of higher light frequencies is how we do this.

We started with a huge “star particle” activation of our cells back on 5/16, which is when electronics started going haywire daily with the super high frequencies. Physical realities being altered in every way, depending on what one is releasing/embracing. We hit about 5 days of A WHOLE NEW EARTH, where LeMUrian/Galactic/Agartha (and more) became very prominent in what was coming forth here.

The words about a week ago “You don’t have to go back anymore”. And I saw all of our mindsets and that this was us REMEMBERING fully, keeping check on our mindsets to not go back to the old ways, old expectations, scenarios, beliefs, realities in our heads. To focus on our physical reality being NEW and AWESOME in every moment. This is the most important part, for our mind will expect/create old programs unless we are present with every program as it presents and intentionally say “no, not anymore” and shift our mind to a higher vibration that frees us and without those old limits in place.

We’ve gone through cosmic upgrades/blasts daily, then we hit a 2 day “zero point”. Critical mass for the 3rd Dimension collective consciousness, zero point for the 5th Dimension, with the 4th Dimension being polarized & dualistic reality/mentality/dimension/frequency (Consciousness grid).

Each day, LeMUria more present PHYSICALLY appearing, both in feeling and in experience. Remember, WE HAVE TO LOOK for this and RECOGNIZE it when it’s there. We have to expect to see new and BELIEVE when our higher mind tells us some weird/bizarre imagination/dreamy thing. This is how we access other dimensions and actually experience them here. Enough of doing this solidifies it into an actual physical reality here (a higher consciousness grid).

Every day I have been watching particles breakdown and re-materialize, even our bodies and physical things. We’ve been continually going through wormholes/vortexes, breathing is affected when we do this, along with many other things. Electronics can’t go through these, so they don’t work and this has been a daily thing (forego having to upgrade huge).

Last week we had a 2 hour period on 5/21 where we experienced an entire dimensional timeline collapse. The physical wold catastrophes are a part of this collapse. The timeline correlates to a collective/gridwork/consciousness. This is why it’s so important to re-focus on new in every moment and let go of anything not-in-alignment as fast as you can. Many will be “drug down” when the physical representation of this gridwork goes. It has been occurring for years, yet now we move into more collapses and much faster than ever before. This is because of the amount of light that has anchored in. The lower realms cannot survive anymore.

There are opposite realities. The 3rd dimension will always have a physical reality that correlates to what is going on inside of the QUANTUM LIGHT BEING. “Out there” volcanos, earthquakes, sinkholes, mass destruction…. all opening up portals and vortexes that need to release the energies of what need to be activated for all here.

So, a multitude of other things that have occurred, fast forward to today. Massive holographic reprogramming, again. Then seeing that we have completely shifted vibrationally into a whole alternate reality, opened portals/gateways to Earth 3, yet our minds (physical body/emotional body/etc) have to continue to upgrade to the physical frequency of where we are now.

Earth 3 is a “docking station” where we will remain as we upgrade and acclimate and prepare for access for access to the multi-verse. From (t)here, we will then be given the “choice” of which other Earths/Galactic Regions we desire to proceed to. Not bound to just one, we will have the choice of all, depending on the frequencies we are able to achieve overall.

Now, we are HUman StarGates, so we do this ourselves. Our particles are reaching such frequencies that we will no longer be bound to one physical reality and will be able to re-tune the hologram to move into multiple realities, for nothing is “off out there”. It’s been here all along. We didn’t have/hold the frequency to access all of this before. With this new STARGATE opening, this has changed. These StarGates opening all over have all linked up. These are under water, at various locations and galactically as well. Every one of these have linked up and are connected now. This is what has been occurring.

Yesterday was the “tipping point” and that was what the “fed up” energies were. This is why all was triggered, for the release is necessary and the desire to let go, move on, be done. This pushed us all into the next phase, today.

So, right now, Old Earth and even “New Earth” seems so old… it seems a gazillion years ago… for we’ve still continue now with cosmic upgrades. These will continue to increase. It is just the beginning….

So, if you have been challenged, if you desire more, keep embracing, letting go and challenging your own human mind. Observe your mindsets and ask yourself why you believe that. Yet even more than that, CREATE THE BELIEF you do desire, one of a MUCH HIGHER FREQUENCY without limits and focus all of your energy and beliefs on that. Don’t create a specific outcome that holds you to a specific reality. Open it up, expect awesome, magic and BEYOND ANYTHING YOU COULD EVEN PREVIOUSLY COMPREHEND OR DREAM.

We just JUMPED HUGE into the NEXT PHASE. Look for LeMUria, look for anther dimension, look for magic and awesomeness in every moment.

The human mind expects the worst to happen and creates that world to occur. They higher self aspect expects magic and awesomeness and KNOWS IT HAS ALREADY OCCURRED.

We live in a reality where all has already occurred. WE vibrate into that physical reality…. we meet in the middle of vortexes and allow all to arrive. Call it forth loves and open up your heart & minds.

Let the old consciousness/dimensions/realities go…. re-focus in every moment. The new words are “IN THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW”. If it is not here in this moment, it no longer exists and you have the POWER to create with every particle of you NOW just with your unified heart/mind….

I love you and will share more where I can. I have many newsletters/updates/upcoming events to announce and will get them out tomorrow for you to join us. We will be sharing every opportUNITY that presents to assist all with this next phase we’ve already entered now. ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown, Ancient, Master, Oracle, WaySeer/Shower, Quantum BEing


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