gateway to stillness

buddhamistThe current energies are encouraging stillness, pulling back into our quiet space and tuning into our own vibrations, our own story and our own feelings.

It can feel like we are moving through a prolonged void, an emptiness that is quietly doing its thing. A steady release of the old while little of the new is coming forward. It may bring up uncomfortable feelings, discomfort and tiredness. But we are not alone in this or doing anything wrong. We are simply not used to this kind of space.

We are used to being full, busy and consumed with moving on our path. But this is new. The levels of sleep needed to anchor in these energies are showing us that. Some days we are flattened as we need to be still to allow the changes to come through. We are being given time to integrate and acknowledge what our bodies are undergoing. It is a natural part of moving from the external back to the internal, back into ourselves.

The shift is well and truly underway now, bubbling away in the background, guided by an energy that exists beyond the comprehension of the mind. Our Hearts already know everything will be ok. Any unease arises from the mind not leading life in the way it has in the past. Things no longer come together the way they used to. And while we hover mid-stream, there may not even be anything tangible to replace all that has been left behind.

But we can sense how much we’ve changed. We are not the person we once were. We may not even identify with who we were before. It seems common to wake up some days and not relate to anything around us.

The energy surges in constantly now, shifting and changing, moment to moment. We engage, we integrate, we rest. No one really understands what’s happening beneath our skin, within the invisible realms of our bodies. We may not even understand it ourselves but we know things will never be as they were. We will never be as we were.

There is only one direction on this journey and it’s towards our Hearts, our Soul and the Source. Expanding as the energy and our bodies allows us. Just like breathing in and breathing out. And waiting in the silence between breaths.



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