masters of change

fractalIt’s reset time. Twelve hours after the New Moon Solar Eclipse and moments after the March Equinox. The Sun has moved over the last degree of the zodiac at 29 Pisces and the energy is shifting into the early degrees of Aries. As we settle into this fertile period between now and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 4 Apr, it is a good time to reflect on what is and isn’t working in our lives and to focus on the things we would like to change.

Life responds to our desires and it is during powerful times like this that change can either be thrown upon us unexpectedly or begin to appear within our lives through the actions of our own initiative.

Life is energy and everything that exists in our world holds its own frequency. From our physical bodies, to the trees, to the chair we’re sitting on, everything is made up of little cells and particles that vibrate at different frequencies. The speed of the vibration generates the illusion of density that gives form to the object that is only visible here in 3D. The same form would hold a totally different appearance in another dimension where the frequency is different.

Here on Earth in our 3D frequency, we are governed by certain universal laws that gives order to what would otherwise be planetary chaos. Actions generate certain responses. The Law of Cause and Effect. Everything has an opposite. The Law of Polarity. Everything rises and falls. The Law of Rythym. Underlying all laws is the general principle that like attracts like known as The Law of Attraction. Deepak Chopra wrote about the seven laws of spiritual success back in 1994 and there are many other writings explaining the scope of universal laws that influence our existence here.

But if we don’t won’t to delve into the world of universal physics, it is enough to know that everything we do, say and think generates energy. When we are unconscious about the way we live, life just appears to happen around us. But it doesn’t. Whether we know it or not, life is created by the accumulation of our own energy, from conscious thoughts, to subconscious fears, monkey-mind chatter and whatever it is that we get emotional about. And it is said, the stronger the feeling, the faster the experience will manifest. Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, whatever we give our whole-body focus to is what will appear in our life.

And once we get our heads around what that really means, we begin to awaken to how powerful we truly are. And also, most probably, to an overwhelming sense of self-responsibility and acceptance, for we also begin to see that no one else was responsible for anything we may have experienced in the past. It was all within us. In some shape or form, we have carried the energy that has enabled events of the past to occur.

On reaching this point, we then trigger a whole series of changes within our being which can either send us deeper into the realm of self exploration, healing and awakening or send us running back into denial, retreating from the fear of facing the secrets that have been long buried in our darkest parts.

But simply reaching this point in our journey is a milestone in itself for we are offering ourselves a choice we couldn’t see before. We now have new knowledge and understanding to guide our decision making and this precise moment holds the potential as the point of recognizing our own true power. Do we ignore the truths arising and continue the same way we always have or do we believe in ourselves as the masters of change, energetic beings with the ability to influence, direct and create the path of our own destiny.


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