slowing down

lightdropletsAs we move through these ever increasing Cosmic activations, I find myself in more quiet stillness than ever before. It seems ironic in a way, that the faster and more intense the energy waves come through, the slower and quieter we become. Whether the slowing down is a side effect of allowing the body to integrate the new frequencies or whether we’re just no longer interested in the ‘doing’ as we were before all this began, there is a strong sense now of having moved into a gentler space where we are able to observe what’s around us in a more peaceful and conscious way.

While this whole year seems to have been a continuous blast of energy upgrades, these past 2 weeks particularly, have brought through immense change to our energetic fields that continues to be triggered daily while we build up to the powerful Equinox-New Moon- Solar Eclipse coming next week. But the space between these individual events is no longer what it used to be. The intensity in our multi-sensory physical bodies remains high as we truly begin to embrace the feeling of living with more and more Light.

During this time I’ve been guided to the work of quantum healers, Mas Sajady and Meg Benedicte. Both healers work directly with Pure Source Energy in the most simplest and exquisite form of healing I’ve experienced. Using frequencies that communicate at DNA level, this is energy healing at its purest and most powerful, helping to accelerate the clearing of old programs and distortions to enable a deeper integration of these new waves of Consciousness that are constantly flowing in for us.

But as we continue to transform our physical vessels into the rhythm of Higher vibrations, this expanded awareness creates a lot of new sensations within the body with sudden changes in perception, new thought patterns, deeper knowings or remembrances. I’ve found my sense of language changing where it’s becoming more difficult for me to write about this process of transitioning in the way I always have. I can’t relate to the words as easily and as I slow down my intake of information to more selective sources so too is my output slowing down. At times it feels like the old words don’t carry the meaning they once had but the new words haven’t properly formed yet. A strange sensation akin to crossing over from one platform to another that’s intuitively telling me these words will soon change, in one form or another.

But in the quiet stillness that permeates more moments than ever before, there is a deepening of all experiences, an amplification of whatever is strongest for us and the direction of our own path. We have already moved so far this year, even when we’ve felt the opposite and so it is through this slowing down, this engaging with the sensory feeling of connectedness, that we come to this point, the edge of what seems like the next level of vastness.


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