expanding our truth

energyartAfter an intense week that’s amplified the incoming and outgoing energies, there is a strong feeling now of moving into a phase where something is ending while something new is beginning.

That’s no surprise given we’ve passed through the second Aquarius New Moon and Mars and Venus have just crossed the 0 Aries point bringing closure to the retrospective period of the past month and taking us into the real beginning of the cosmic new year.

But the intensity of this week has been more about expansion than anything else. The energy upgrades have worked through every part of our body, opening our fields to whatever it is that we need to move forward with a deeper understanding of our true purpose here. Expansion is typically preceded by the uncomfortable sensations of confinement and restriction and after this weeks array of physical discomforts, a breakthrough has finally come in.

There has been a niggling sense for me that something was hidden, just out of reach of my own awareness that would help me move into more of my authentic self. This feeling intensified this week and as this life of Awakening is more about Remembering than anything else, we must trust what’s put before us and work with our intuitive selves rather than resist the prompts we are given as we move through this process of dismantling the veil of amnesia.

These prompts come in many ways and each of us will develop of our own system of communication that works for us. For me it came from an unexpected source. I signed up to watch an online interview and was sent a link to another interview with a different healer I didn’t know, who of course, turned out to be the exact person with the information I needed to become aware of. This led to further online explorations and even more discoveries that finally that put more of the pieces of my own puzzle together.

Many of us on the path are currently finding ourselves in a void right now, no longer resonating with the old ways and not yet fully residing in the new. We are in both worlds while being nowhere at all, which can be unsettling at times and while it offers a chance for the ego to rise through the energy of confusion, we are learning the importance of what it means to be conscious of every thought and action.

We are creating this experience and extending ourselves further than we have before is what the energy is asking and while it feels as if we are already accelerating through a year of intense experiences, aligning with our innate guidance and following our intuitive nudges is all we need to honour our path. Acknowledging the discomfort is part of the expansion and it is through engaging with the process that we can suddenly find ourselves in a new space where we can see what we could not see before enabling us to understand more of the truth of who we really are.


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