finding our freedom

swirlinggalaxyWaking up feeling agitated this morning, I became aware of a deep sense of yearning for something yet unmanifest. It’s been another huge few weeks of energy influxes and while it always takes time to integrate all that’s coming in, it’s times like these that we become aware of the discord of living in an old world while trying to embrace new Light.

It’s a paradox of Ascension that while our energy matrix is busy raising its vibration we often feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the changes and stuck in a quagmire of lower emotions. If not conscious of every wave that passes through our bodies, it’s easy to project this intensity outwards as frustration and impatience when it fact, if we pull ourselves back into our Heart centre, we can see the truth of the discomfort as being stifled by the limitations of old energy and a deep longing to break free of confining restrictions.

But our Ascension path is a long road and currently we are in a phase of ‘enhanced duality’, as it was described in a recent Metatron channel over on the EarthKeeper site. This period is emphasizing the polarity of our world where the dark is at its darkest and the Light at its brightest. It can feel like a tug of war at times, where the Light is invigorating every cell with infinite possibilities only to clash in the next instant with some incomprehensible atrocity or delusional dark act. Even the mindless negativity of mainstream life can seem so far removed from the wave of Light flowing through our grids that it’s no wonder our nervous systems have their periods of overwhelm.

If Ascension is all about expansion then the current energies are pushing us towards that. Freedom comes in many guises and whatever is on the horizon will be linked to the conscious work we do now to remove the barriers that confine us. For we are learning that our world emanates from within and if we are unconsciously limiting our own potential, we will be feeling it. The perceived obstacles will be right in our faces until we see through them and do what’s needed to remove them from our path.

New energies require new thoughts and new thoughts require new actions. This process has us reinventing ourselves over and over but as we accept this as our new normal, it also serves to remember to open ourselves up to the change that’s being asked of us. Spiritual freedom cannot come from the same place as old mindless living. These are new times and a complete renewal of our daily routines might be required to ensure we are nurturing ourselves with nourishing foods and activities and the space and stillness needed to rest and restore our balance.

While we are immersed in these times of contrasts and especially during these intense periods when we are hypersensitive to all that’s around us, life goes on one breath at a time. This is our evolution and doing whatever we can to stay connected to our Spiritual Heart is the softest way forward to finding our own personal freedom that comes through our spiritual expansion.


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