emerging again

spiralofcreationIt’s been a while since I last wrote but I don’t think I’m alone in saying I haven’t written much these past few months. Life it seems, is shifting our focus elsewhere, or even just within, prompting us to slow down and contemplate where we are and where we’re going on this evolutionary path.

There’s been so much happening it’s been hard to focus on any one thing. This evolutionary dance has been different for each of us but since my last post, we have been through the opening of the Dec Solstice, the crossover to the New Year and the first Full Moon of 2015 all while being constantly bombarded with the new Light coming through various forces to help us engage with the process of releasing the old energy we carry in order to integrate the new we are receiving.

Now, as we move through this high vibrational day of the 11th, we are seeing the old ways falling away faster than ever and it is becoming increasingly difficult to have connections with anything we don’t resonate with. It’s an awkward clash of incompatibility that grates and grinds. But even so, we are still in transition and are coming to realize it’s a long road ahead.

But where the past year was one of repositioning and restructuring, we are now moving into a year of positive growth. This year we are consolidating with like-minded souls, building solid foundations to support our true purpose, our Soul work. We can already feel the urge rising within to focus only on what is true to our inner most desires, what is relevant within the union of relationship and the work we are all here to pursue. This year is for stepping into the shoes we came here to fill and if we are ready to embrace our own talents, life could take on a very different feel in the months ahead.

After reaching what felt like a place of stillness, a plateau in my own process, there is a re-emergence now into what feels like the next stage of this return to our true state of being. Our navigational tools are in understanding energy and the concept of our own energetic vibration which helps us to see the big picture, make sense of ongoing difficulties and see purpose in any turmoil and upheaval. By regularly tuning in to our own energetic wavelength it becomes easier to observe what is happening around us and reconnect with our balance when we lose sight of it.



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