acceleration of dreams

table on a hillThe last weeks of 2014 are drawing near and looking back, most of this year seems like a blur. It’s as if the acceleration of time has quickened even further with a burst of movement coming through in April, another in July/August and a significant blast of momentum coming through in October/November.

With these shifts also comes what feels like the acceleration of dreams. It can feel like we are being guided through and beyond the dreams we’ve held for ourselves faster than we can comprehend. I’ve watched my own life change in unexpected ways where my long held dream of creating my own cottage in lush green hills by the mountains, which I blogged about under the title, Be Inspired, was shown to me a few months ago. But not in the way I was expecting, it was via a friend who was housesitting. When I spent several afternoons visiting the property, I kept thinking and laughing to myself that this is the exact same place I had long envisioned.

But the dream wasn’t mine to be had and ironically, life has already moved me on from that place to a new location and when I tune into that dream from here it feels old, distant and no longer relevant. I was given the experience of feeling the dream through another person and that was enough. I sense I’m now being asked to open my mind to new horizons and embrace the potential of what lies beyond. It’s like a clean slate has been created after the deep cleansing of October/November and somewhere in there, the seeds of a new future have been sown.

2014 has been a big year of rebalancing and finding the patience needed to continue to release all we no longer need that’s kept us tied to our old ways. As this energy rises to the surface it’s created tension and discomfort and for those uncomfortable with the energy, there’s been plenty of upheaval. But there are tools available to help clear our bodies of the rising negative vibrations and it has taken constant effort to not be overcome with the exhaustion of being inundated with pain, loss, anger and grief.

But 2015 is already feeling different. To me it’s appearing as a year of consolidation. We end every year in Sagittarius, the sign of adventurous new horizons but this year we have done so much internal work, the phrase of making space for the new has never been so pertinent. The Sun moved into Sagittarius last weekend with the New Moon, Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 27 Nov and Venus is already there. What is brewing this month is a finale for the year of restructuring, with another installment of the Pluto/Uranus Square coming mid-month, the alignment that set everything off back in April and for those of us who are also Saturn weary, the highly significant event of Saturn leaving Scorpio occurs on 22 Dec.

2014 will end with a punch but the seeds of new opportunity now have space to grow and develop in more sustainable ways that can positively enhance our personal growth and evolution. With simplicity, honesty and transparency being the keys for moving forward, our newly uncluttered lives can only benefit from the space we’ve given ourselves to move beyond what we thought we wanted and to break through into the realms of the true unknown.


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