the space between

butterfly morningWe all know that eclipses come in to shake things up and as we find ourselves deep within the space between these two current eclipses, it is beginning to feel impossible to ignore what is being put in front of us.

It is an intense time, feeling like we are suspended between two realities but unable to grasp either of them. But rather than floating freely, this sense of nothingness comes with restriction, a confining feeling of being compressed. It is physically draining and tiring and can bring on emotional mood swings and fatigue as the body deals with the subconscious processes of working through all that’s rising up.

These periods of feeling squeezed beyond our comfort usually represent the moments before a significant release of energy. We are growing energetically and if we are feeling confined it is fair to assume we have reached our energetic limits and are working through dissolving these boundaries in order to break through and expand even more.

While being gentle with ourselves and honouring our body’s wishes to rest and take in quietness where we can, we can focus our minds on the closure of this eclipse portal next week on 23 October. This is a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon in Scorpio infused by Venus. All the markings for new beginnings if there ever was one but just where these new beginnings will take us no one can be sure.

The ongoing theme this year has been in letting go of old ways. To move away from mind-based living and allow ourselves to be guided by our Soul’s higher plan for a Heart-based life. While the clarity on what our higher way of life is supposed to be seems to fluctuate as much as the variations in the energy levels, therein lies the trust that’s also being emphasized with this life changing transition. Time is irrelevant on the higher planes so rising frustration mostly stems from the changes not falling within our desired timeframes. So although it can feel like we are hovering in slow motion towards some unknown destination, underneath the outer physical expression of all this unraveling of ourselves is the constant flow of Spirit.

The Cosmic energies are pulsating at us from all directions these days so whatever is pulling at us now is what we need to take notice of. It may be an aching feeling of knowing something needs to change or it may be an obscured sense of something not being right but whatever it is, now is the time to acknowledge and act on it.

We are deep in the unsettling energy of transitional change and it is through our willingness to embrace what is put before us that we can renew our sense of Self, break open the restrictions that have governed our lives up until now and move more freely into the presence that is ultimately our future happiness.



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