healing in nature

the12throadqldnpOver the past week I have been away in North Queensland camping out in nature with my dear friend in stunning National Park rainforests. We have been travelling light, sleeping out in the open with limited resources but with the ongoing chorus of birds, frogs, bats and the odd shower of rain on our canvas canopy, we’ve been mostly lying awake under the bright moonlight of what has been building up to this Aries Full Moon.

This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees on the Aries-Libra axis and marks the start of the next eclipse season which brings in a 2 week portal between the Lunar and Solar eclipses that has the potential to create significant and unexpected change.

The Aries-Libra energy highlights the Me vs Us theme, bringing forth situations that prompt us to find balance in relationships with those closest to us. We can find ourselves simultaneously craving our own space while yearning for intimacy or learning to express what we feel while respecting the needs and wants of the other.

For me, this Eclipse falls across my Ascendant/Descendant axis over the 1st and 7th houses. It is the perfect example of how the energy can manifest and a timely opportunity to be exploring the desire for freedom and connection in these early days of life with a new partner.

But there is so much happening in the cosmic skies at the moment it could also be feeling like sensory overwhelm. Eclipses are powerful events in their own right but these coming weeks bring a series of big alignments involving Uranus with a conjunction on the Eclipse followed by a Sun-Uranus opposition, a Venus-Pluto alignment and a Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

It would be an understatement to say this energy has the potential to deliver exciting changes and transformations that could very well be unexpected and unpredictable. At this stage of the year it seems almost anything could still happen and probably will.

So while we can bring our awareness onto the situations this energy is highlighting for us, it is also important to counterbalance the intensity with time in the natural environment. Nature itself is the neutralizer for all energy and time out in pristine forests and waterways, enjoying the simple pleasures of life with like-minded companions enables the highest stream of clarity to emerge.

Life is teaching us right now that to find that place of peace and balance within our relationships, we must first find peace and balance within our own self for the world around us is merely a reflection of all we have created within ourselves.





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