rolling and tumbling

spiralgalaxyThe energetic shifts have started rolling in again as we continue through this ongoing cycle of surging and purging. This extended transitioning period is where we are now. Deep within the energy of change as we learn to step outside of ourselves and train our eyes to see reality through the wider vision of the Higher perspective.

As our sensitivities increase we can feel our way through these openings and portals, from the surge of Heart Energy that came through earlier in the week to the stark release of deep cellular pain that seems to have coincided with the close passing of Asteroid ‘2014 RC’ this weekend. We are learning as we go on this journey, as we awaken to the real truth of our existence and merge with the understanding that we are one and the same as the energy of the stars.

But each of these energetic events has something to teach us and in the lulls between the surges I find my own body moves into a sense of loss and disconnection. The shifts and surges propel us so easily into the Higher energies that it can be an uncomfortable feeling when they begin to dissipate and yet the truth is they are always there. Our innate energy is part of our DNA, it is only a matter of consciously moving through the static and clearing our auric fields to find it.

These cycles of ups and downs are part of the natural movement we are experiencing, surging forward, encountering limitation and releasing that restriction so we may expand even further. But it has been such repetitive motion over recent months that it can feel like we are constantly going over the same old ground rather than progressing anywhere new. And in some ways we are as there is no way we could release all the old energies we hold in our bodies all at the one time. It can only happen as we are physically able to manage it and so the more conscious we are with the process the more we can assist in our own progress.

This where the broader view on Ascension can help put everything back into perspective. We are on a global journey here. A unique experience where everyone is making their own way to the same destination. There’s no baggage required in fact we are encouraged to leave our old stuff behind at each of the stops along the way. What we’ve always carried with us we’ll no longer need so the lighter we travel the better. This goes for old thoughts, beliefs, values and emotional patterns as well as physical activities in what we do, how we position ourselves and what and who we surround ourselves with. Even the way we dress, the nature of our possessions and the foods we choose to consume are all up for change.

This journey is for all of humanity and yet we must make the individual effort for our own transformation. Through each positive step affirming a cleaner, healthier and more authentic lifestyle we bring ourselves closer to the path of least resistance where we can align ourselves with that innate feeling of inner balance that fills us with support for all we are doing.

The more we release the more we attract essences of the new. Little by little as we open our minds to the possibilities that life could be very different we begin to experience physical manifestations that match our intuitive feelings. This is when all the rolling and tumbling begins to make sense. Something clicks into place and we know. We just know there is something familiar in all this.


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