seasunsetAs I emerge from the arduous task of moving house the energy of transition is strengthening around us. We have progressed into the newness of our future potentials and yet the ground we stand on does not yet have the stability we are used to. We are deep in the transition of time, where the old is flailing about or completely dissolving while the new is only fleetingly visible in brief moments of lucidity.

This new way of existing, with a foot in both worlds, can be a little unnerving and yet this is our Now. At times we are at the mercy of the planets with a surge of support from one direction and a thrust of limitation from another. This week a fog has settled around us clouding the brightness of recent weeks but it is all energy of the New unfolding. It is impossible to use our logical minds to plan ahead or even see where the road is leading us but even at a snail’s pace, we can know these new energies are leading us toward a balanced and wholesome life that supports our Higher purpose.

As we adjust to these changes, there is strength to be gained from really learning to trust the process. Of holding faith in our ability to navigate the fog with our Hearts. It is a new way of moving through life and even when we seem to be flowing from one temporary situation to another, there will be purpose to the madness. Divine timing will always prevail and bring with it all that we need, one small step at a time, until we are clear and open to fully merge with our true Spirit nature.

Through each of these movements we are offered the opportunity to be mindful and conscious of how we are choosing to move through our day. Tuning in to our Heart energy is the simplest gauge for monitoring our vibration as any apprehension or anxiety will be amplified here. And similarly, focussed breathing through the Heart Chakra is easiest way to clear any unease and allow the comforting energy of Spirit to rise as we let go and surrender more deeply into the ebb and flow of the evolving New.

We may not fully understand the sequence of our progress but if we stay strong in the knowing that it is in the Now that we experience our Divine connection, we can focus on these fleeting moments and expand them into ongoing and permanent states within our daily existence. These are where the real Truths of our life emerge and it is in this conscious practice of mindfulness that we find peace and comfort in what can otherwise feel like a sea of uncertainty.


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