on the move

mountaintopIn the closing scenes of a movie I watched yesterday were the words, ‘welcome to the new world’. I took it as an amusing sign that we have indeed immersed further into the New in what has been a most lively week of energy shifts and upsurges since the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal last weekend.

In the space of the last 10 days immense waves of energy have been coming through bringing clarity, realizations and opportunities that have translated into distinct changes within our physical lives. There have been days when I’ve been so wired I haven’t been able to sleep and others where I am receiving so much information it’s almost overwhelming. It’s been electrifying and exhilarating but what’s been most noticeable is the physical translation of the energy into unexpected and surprising events and outcomes that are set to shape our lives in the coming weeks.

There is a sense of anticipation growing now as this push to merge with our most authentic selves becomes so strong we can no longer ignore it. But within all the excitement still remains the need to trust and let go, to hold unwavering faith that all will turn out exactly as it needs to.

The intensity of this energy has given me the strength to pack up my life once again and move a step closer to my new existence but even so, I cannot even see where that destination is yet. This has been a move like no other, having glimpses of the potentials of what lies ahead but unable to make any solid plans to reach it. So as I set up my new temporary home, it truly feels like we are literally creating the ground we’re moving onto one step at a time.

But as I write, the illuminating conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is building in Leo. This wonderfully positive energy is amplifying the feeling that anything is possible. It’s as if the cosmic spotlight is now shining its magic on our new roles in this new world. Everything that’s passed has simply been a learning experience in preparation of what’s to come. It’s like we’ve all been hanging out back stage and now it’s time to actually get out there and do what we came here to do.

Today we are being given the gift of expansion and when we breathe it in deeply we can experience the joy of knowing we are supported and watched over in everything we do. We are in the midst of an energy shift and it’s days like these when we can literally feel ourselves moving into it.


2 thoughts on “on the move

    1. Yes my intuitive guidance has urged me to make another location change. Throughout my past posts I’ve tried to explain the energy shifts through my own personal experience and relocating is the big change I’m being encouraged to make right now 🙂

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