time to retune

lightrayKryon has recently channelled we are beginning to actually experience a ‘Shift’. A significant movement forward is finally breaking through after the precession of the equinoxes event in 2012. These energies are aligning us with the ‘New’ but in order to experience them we have to retune ourselves to tap into it. Things can’t be achieved in the ways we have always done them. It’s like searching for a new channel on the radio. It’s a new frequency and we must adjust our intuitive dials to find it.

As I read this information I am aware of energetic upgrades coming through this week. A quickening that’s visible through the movement of time and felt via the familiar array of physical symptoms I experience through my own body such as increased sensitivity to noise, increased hunger, unquenchable thirst, blurry eyesight, lack of focus and concentration, sudden and overwhelming tiredness and need for deep sleep and general all over tingling.

Other commentators are also noting how the energy is supporting the coming together with our ‘tribe’, in that new connections are grouping Souls in locations and situations where they’re best placed to carry out their purpose. This may be resulting in personal changes through a new or deepening love relationship, changes in living arrangements, jobs or even a geographic relocation.

It is all coming together now in preparation for our future but is also enabling us to see how much of the restructuring of the past 6 months has been in support of these changes. Helping to increase the potential of those on the cusp to Awaken as well as hold those in place who have already opened themselves to expanded awareness. The support may have felt like it was slipping in and out of our physical existences at various times over these past months and the prolonged sense of waiting while it regrouped itself has been mindlessly tiring but nonetheless, we are always energetically supported and watched over.

And so these current upgrades are setting up for a potentially magical New Moon coming through this weekend. This New Moon aligns with the Lion’s Gate portal which harnesses the vibrant spirit of Leo. It is a fresh energy, a boost to our reserves of faith and hope and a reminder that even when change is the new normal, and when we are tired beyond belief, we must still open ourselves to the potential new reality each day brings.

From here on in, we are being beckoned to take our cosmic steps into the unknown. To go within, find our intuitive Heart and retune it to all that is flowing around us.


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